Postpartum stretch marks

Postpartum stretch marks


What are postpartum stretch marks?

Postpartum stretch marks are the scars on the belly, thighs, and breasts after having a baby. It is the type of stretch marks which appears after going through pregnancy. Postpartum stretch marks do not appear during pregnancy. It is only after delivering the baby does the postpartum stretch marks shows up on the belly, lower abdomen and also thighs and hips. The uniqueness of postpartum stretch marks is that it occurs only after the delivery of a baby.

When postpartum scars do starts to show?

Postpartum scars start showing up exactly from a week or two after post-delivering baby; that may look weird. As weeks pass by the scars get deeper forming red or purple scars; though the color of the scars highly depends on the skin complexion, the usual color is either red or dark red. Sometimes, the color of the scar changes to purple. The postpartum stretch marks deepen with time after pregnancy.

The baby grows on earth, so does the postpartum stretch marks on the belly, lower abdomen, thighs, and buttcheeks of the new mother. The stretch marks stretch its area as the weeks go by. This is the real mark of a woman who has been newly introduced to motherhood. The stretch marks can spread out during breastfeeding and stay for a long time until it starts fading. The stretch marks start showing from the time the would-be mother goes into labor. But, it shows only after a week has past post-pregnancy.

How does a mother feel about postpartum stretch marks?

New mothers can find it a bit shocking to find the postpartum stretch marks. It grows deeper with time and the mother can find it a bit disturbing at first.  But, the acceptance of these scars is the first step towards enjoying motherhood. It is very important to realize stretch marks are part and parcel of pregnancy. Post or pre-pregnancy, the stretch marks will show up anytime soon in the life of a woman. A new mother is always self-conscious about her body post-pregnancy. It is more about learning to adapt with the postpartum stretch marks rather than fighting to hide it.

Can postpartum stretch marks be prevented?

It is obvious that every woman in the world will like to get rid of the postpartum stretch marks as soon as they start showing up. But, technically and biologically, it is not possible. There are lots of cosmetic surgeries available in the global market, but, that too cannot completely eliminate or erase the stretch marks from the whole body. Complete prevention of postpartum stretch marks is impossible. First of all, the postpartum stretch marks do not show up during pregnancy. It is only after delivery that slowly and eventually they show up.

A healthy and wholesome diet, during pregnancy, is one way to make sure that the postpartum stretch marks do not turn out to be too prominent and deep. Yoga and meditation is another way to reduce the rash effect of postpartum stretch marks. Body weight is vital to keep in check during pregnancy to avoid stress on skin. A heavy weighted body is more prone to postpartum stretch marks than a correct-weighted pregnant woman.

Are postpartum stretch marks that common among women?

The postpartum stretch marks only turn up after giving birth in the form of ripples and thin scars. These scars get deeper with time and form the purple or red colored stretch marks. As the skin shrinks back to its original size and shape then, the stretch marks show up prominently. The postpartum stretch marks show up due to the body going through the shock of the pressure of labor. These stretch marks can be really itchy and prominent with time. Stretch marks are common among women but, postpartum stretch marks are common. Lots of new moms have found their skin showing stretch marks.

How should a mother take her postpartum stretch marks as?

The significant factor is to make sure the pregnancy is healthy and the baby is healthier enough. It is very obvious that young mothers will go off balance by seeing the postpartum stretch marks but, with time and correct regime the stretch marks fades away. So, feeling devastated or depressed is not the output. Lots of women start hating themselves and their body after finding the growing postpartum stretch marks. But, that is never the solution for it. Enjoying and celebrating the postpartum scars as a sign of motherhood will give peace and solace to the new mothers.

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