Stretch Marks from growing

Stretch Marks from growing


When does a woman have lots of stretch marks?

A woman can have lots of stretch marks for various reasons. An increasing weight can be one of the prime reasons behind the stretch marks. The second on line comes the pregnancy; a pregnant woman is bound to get stretch marks either during pregnancy or post-pregnancy. Another well-known yet common reason is physical changes; teenagers go through lots of physical changes during growing up resulting in, getting stretch marks from growing, on their breasts, hips, and buttcheeks.

Now-a-day women go to the gym for pumping up their body or weight training. As a result, muscular expansions cause the stretch marks to show up on arms, shoulders, belly, lower abdomen, hip, buttcheeks, and legs. The other lesser-known reason is the loss of weight. Losing weight, due to multiple reasons, contract the expanded stretch marks and form like scars on the specific portions of the body. In each of the above-mentioned cases, the amount or number of stretch marks differs from body to body.

Every woman has her own physical routine and lifestyle. These factors affect them in getting the number of stretch marks. The skin complexion and the body type are also two vital factors in determining the number of stretch marks to be present on the body. Men have stretch marks too, but, if they go through extreme physical changes, they can result in having lots of them.

How fast can stretch marks grow?

The growth of stretch marks depends upon the expansion of the skin. If the expansion of the skin is rapid then, the stretch marks can grow faster than thoughts. The rapid physical changes in women are pretty evident than in men. So, obviously, the stretch marks are pretty prominent in women than in men. It is difficult to stop the stretch marks from growing when the body goes through lots of changes within a short time period. So, the stretch marks grow faster than thought.

During pregnancy a body goes through lots of changes within a short time span, so, it is obvious that the stretch marks will not only break out on the skin, but, grow at a rapid speed. Similarly, post-pregnancy, the body goes through a rapid contraction due to the belly and abdomen coming back to its former shape, leading to the stretch marks to grow and expand over a larger area. It is next to impossible for slowing down the stretch marks from growing.

Can stretch marks be prevented from spreading?

It is difficult to stop stretch marks from growing and it is more than difficult from preventing it to spread. Stretch marks are bound to spread as the body changes and the skin expands. The only feature which is useful is to make sure the spreading is not over a long portion of the body. The initial time when stretch marks show up there are lots of procedures which can be followed to prevent the stretch marks from growing or spreading over.

The first primary procedure is to drink lots of water. The body should never stay de-hydrated; when, it is going through rapid changes. A dry skin ruptures faster than a moistened skin. Secondly, a highly- nourished diet filled with all the required proteins and vitamins should be followed. Good food adds elasticity to the skin preventing the stretch marks from growing and spreading. During pregnancy, there are lots of moisturizing creams available in the market. Application of moisturizing creams prevents the stretch marks from growing and spreading.

How can stretch marks be prevented from spreading on legs?

There are some preventive measures which can be followed to prevent the stretch marks from growing and spreading on legs. The first preventive measure is to maintain a healthy weight and body so that the stretch marks do not expand over a large portion of the skin. Fluctuations in weight are definitely not good. The rapid increase and decrease in the weight can cause the skin to contract and expand over a short time period; resulting in stretch marks spreading.

So, the second preventive measure would be the prevention of fluctuation of weight for restricting the stretch marks from growing and spreading. The third preventive measure is gain weight slowly and gradually during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks from growing and spreading. A rapid gain in weight will expand the stretch marks at a faster rate. The fourth preventive measure is to follow a diet chart during pregnancy. The wholesome food should have all the vital ingredients like vitamin A and C. These ingredients are good for skin health.

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