What makes fat stretch marks?

What makes fat stretch marks?


Reasons behind the stretch marks due to fatness

Stretch marks due to fatness happen when the body puts on too many calories in a short time period. Fat stretch mark is a common feature among the people who gain weight over a very rapid time period due to dieting or munching too much. Too much fluctuation of weight over a very short time period can bring the consequence in the form of fat stretch mark. The dermis goes through tearing and rupturing leading to the deeper layers of the skin to show up; thus, forming the stretch marks on the skin.

Fat stretch mark is something which is caused due to the underlying inter-connected fibers in the skin. As the body grows, the skin expands and gives way to the extra calories on the body. But, a rapid accumulation of fat under the skin will make the inter-connected fibers to break after it reaches its limit; thus creating the stretch marks. It is the tearing of the tissues which make the blood vessels visible on the skin. The blood vessels give the respective colors to the stretch marks; sometimes making it look like purple or red as they freshly appear.

Does stretch marks are the sign of extra weight?

Stretch marks are only a sign of extra weight when the body is gaining too much weight within a very short span of time. Fat stretch mark is the sign of extra weight in a short time period due to too much accumulation of fat within the muscles. The munching on junks and high-calorie diet gives way to put on weight in a rapid manner; thus, the stretch marks. Stretch marks are pretty typical among anyone whose skin is rapidly expanding.

Fat stretch mark is a very common feature among teenagers too. They get stretch marks, since; the teens go through various body changes. The skin expands and the stretch marks get visible on breasts, hips, buttcheeks, thighs, and legs. Nine among ten teenagers have stretch marks. These tiger prints like scars cover the most intimate portion of human body irrespective of age and food habits. The Fat stretch mark is like that tattoo which is naturally given by the body over time.

Reasons behind the stretch marks due to gym work

Bodybuilding stretches the muscles to expand. The pumping up of muscles makes the stretch marks to show up on legs, belly, thighs and hips and even upper arms. A fat stretch mark can also be a sign due to the rigorous bodybuilding and being bulking up at the gym. The muscle growth tears the veins and tissues under the skin causing stretch marks on thighs, legs, knees, buttocks, hips, and lower abdomen.

The weight gain has not to be due to over-eating. It has always been due to weight-training at the gym. This leads to unwanted stretch marks. A fat stretch mark caused due to gym work is the result of the forced expansion of the skin under pressure.

Does rapid weight growth lead to stretch marks?

The answer to this question is a yes. The stretch marks are like the tattoo given by body due to the rapid gain of weight. Weight gain is just not all about the amounts of kilograms the body adds on; it is also about the changes the muscles and the skin go through. Rapid weight gain can be due to emotional eating or due to extreme work stress other than pregnancy.

Fat stretch mark is also seen on a body, going through post-depression, as the binge eating is a common factor in depression and high stress. Weight gain along with stretch marks is a common issue; though the weight loss can be fought back with time and patience, the stretch marks are not easy to fade. The stretch marks are like the memories of a portion of a life where the body gained too many calories than it should have done within a short time period.

Does stretch marks caused due to weight gain permanent?

Well, the answer to this question is a yes. A fat stretch mark is permanent. It is like a tattoo given by life and body for eternity. The body can go through several changes in future, but, the stretch marks on the skin are forever. The stretch marks can fade over time with the weight loss or with some strict regime followed, but, the total removal of the stretch marks are literally not possible. It is a flaw made on the skin permanently.

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