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How to lower prolactin levels naturally?

How to lower prolactin levels naturally? What are the natural ways of treating prolactin levels? Prolactin levels are important to maintain the reproductive organs in the working condition in our body. It is true that the medical world has developed in a massive way and it can easily treat the prolactin levels but, the side-effects are difficult to get rid of. Natural ways of treating prolactin levels provide no side-effects. Some of the natural ways to treat high prolactin levels are yoga, exercises, and aerobics. These natural ways give way to a healthy mind, healthy body and especially healthy...

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High Prolactin and Fertility

High Prolactin and Fertility   How does high prolactin affect the fertility? High prolactin and fertility do not go on right terms. High prolactin level can create troubles in conceiving and worst – infertility. The high prolactin level in young non-pregnant women can cause lots of dangerous issues like lazy ovaries, cysts, bulky uterus and worst of all – infertility. The high prolactin level restricts the secretion of the FSH in the blood resulting in oppressing and suppressing down the normal rate of ovulation. The levels of prolactin automatically remain high in women who are breastfeeding; so, it is...

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Are Styes Contagious?

Are Styes Contagious?   A stye is not contagious enough to spread, but, it is infectious enough to recur from time to time. The stye is formed on the eyelid due to some bacterial infection which is not contagious. The stye infection needs, the person affected, to be careful indeed to make sure the stye does not persist. Other than that the bacteria is not contagious. If asked – are styes contagious, then, the answer is that it is an inflammation or a localized infection due to the contaminated oil glands of the eyelids. This does not mean the...

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How is fluoride helpful for sensitive teeth?

How is fluoride helpful for sensitive teeth? The fluoride has lots of good effects on the teeth. It helps in strengthening the roots of the teeth and reduces the cavities in it. The fluoride for sensitive teeth slowly but gradually seals the pores in teeth and creates a total protective guard on it. The fluoride remineralizes the teeth which have been weakened over a time period. Most importantly, fluoride for sensitive teeth reduces toothaches and prevents the formation of white spots around braces. Fluoride for sensitive teeth protects the roots and keeps the nerves from damaging during the decaying...

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Dental Treatment for sensitive teeth

Dental Treatment for sensitive teeth   What are the popular dental treatments for sensitive teeth? The most popular dental treatment for sensitive teeth is bonding. The tooth bonding is a very popular yet restorative procedure for the sensitive and effective tooth. The color composite of tooth enamel is used in the form of resin or plastic. This helps in repairing the tooth which is decayed or chipped. The tooth bonding is effective on fractured and eroded tooth too. The gaps in between teeth can also be covered and protected through tooth bonding. Since bonding is a dental treatment so...

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