Weight Gain in Children

Weight Gain in Children is significant

It is not always the rule that the children gain weight on regular intervals. It has been found that four percent of the children in the country are suffering from underweight. There are various reasons behind the underweight situation and it can be beaten. There are some procedures which have to be followed to make these children gain their weight on a healthy pattern. It is very important to keep a note of the weight from the time a baby is born and maintain the growth steadily. The World Health Organization has the list of all the standard weights for every aged baby at different heights.

Have Diary products in balanced amount

Dairy products are important for the children, especially for the underweight children. It is very important to see that the children drink atleast two glasses of milk every day. If they find the milk pale then, the flavor can be added to it. The chocolate and vanilla flavors are the mo popular ones. The milkshakes with added strawberries are wholesome drinks too. The dairy products like butter and ghee are always important for the children to consume, but, in limited amounts.

Go for lean meat atleast once or twice a week

Lean meat does include the birds’ meat. If the children want to have lean meat sandwiches and lean meat curry then, they should not be denied. Having lean meat twice for a week is not bad. Just it has to be made sure the score does not cross more than twice. Lean meats add calories and strength to the muscles giving the children a reason to gain weight rapidly. There are many delicious meat bowls of soups which can be prepared at home. Children love delicious soups so it would not be a problem in serving them with one. Homemade meat pizzas, hot dogs, and meat pasta dishes are equally good.

Prepare high-calorie recipes without adding too much fat

High-calorie recipes are always good for the children who are thin built and especially underweight. Liquids like milkshakes and ice-cream shakes are always good for digestion and increase the metabolic rate of the children. This gives them his energy to play around and eat later on. The bread sandwich with peanut butter is both tasty and healthy. This adds high calories to the muscles making it work vigorously. As a result, the children want to consume more, thus putting on to their weight. High calories help the children to grow taller, bigger and stronger.

Create a weight gain chart for your child

A weight gain chart is very important to maintain the right weight of a growing child. The weight of a given child depends upon certain factors like age, gender, height and food habits. The parents should understand the significance of gaining weight respective to the height. This will determine the weight gain of a child based on his or her height and age. It is important to realize that the child’s weight gain starts from the time he or she takes birth. Underweight children can fall into illness such as fever, cough, and cold.

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