Bleeding while breastfeeding

Bleeding while breastfeeding


Bleeding while breastfeeding is a very normal and common phenomenon during breastfeeding and it assures the fact that the new mom is ovulating. It is very normal to experience postpartum bleeding after being a new mom. This is not a menstruation and it can be irregular. When the new mothers will opt for feeding their babies through the bottles, then, they can expect to have real menstruation after a long time. This is common for the first six months of every new mother. The hormonal response is the reason for this bleeding while breastfeeding.

Irregular bleeding while breastfeeding

The process of getting irregular bleeding while breastfeeding is known as lactational amenorrhea; the regular lactation acts the role of an inhibitor which triggers the hormones and prepares the body for a new pregnancy. If there is no release of the hormones then, the body is not getting prepared for the next pregnancy. This means there will be no ovulation and the body is not ready for the next conception. 

This is one of the reasons that bleeding while breastfeeding differs for a mother to a mother, depending on the breastfeeding. The lactational amenorrhea is unique for each other. In some cases, it has been seen that the amenorrhea lasts from a few weeks to several years. There are lots of reasons which trigger the first menstruation after having a baby. It depends upon how often the baby is breastfed.

Bleeding while breastfeeding becomes regular if supplements are used for the baby for feeding and it enhances the capacity to prepare the body for the next pregnancy. Lethargic and lazy mothers do not prefer breastfeeding and opt for pacifiers. Working mothers do not get time for breastfeeding so either there will be bleeding while breastfeeding or having regular periods.

Time period when the bleeding returns while breastfeeding

There is no specific time period for when the bleeding while breastfeeding will return. It depends on from mother to mother. Sometimes, depending upon the lactation, the ovulation of the new mother can easily come back. The ovulation can occur within nine weeks when breastfeeding. Normally the bleeding while breastfeeding returns within ten weeks and the normal period’s returns within the two weeks of birth. So, the body is ready for the next fertility and conception.

The body can become fertile before the estimated biological time if the baby is not sleeping less than four hours and not drinking milk at night time. Similarly, the bleeding while breastfeeding will get detained, if the baby is fed during the day and night time without providing any extra fluids or the pacifier. If the baby is using the breast for comfort sucking rather than any pacifiers and if the baby sleeps with the mother, the chances of bleeding while breastfeeding is lesser.

A missing period while breastfeeding

A missing period or bleeding is very common and normal with new moms especially if she is regularly feeding her baby. There is no correct time period or cycle which is maintained when a mother is breastfeeding. So, the bleeding while breastfeeding can disappear and return back depends upon the duration of breastfeeding. A missing period does not increase the breast milk or does a period which came back causes the breast milk to get reduced. A missing period can never make a new mother fall pregnant because her bleeding while breastfeeding is not maintaining a periodic cycle.

Precautions to be taken while breastfeeding

The greatest realization which the new mothers should have is that if they stop the breastfeeding the periods will come back and that would not be bleeding while breastfeeding. This is the sign that the new mother is getting fertile and is able to give birth to the next child. Breastfeeding is a way of controlling the birth. So, if new mothers are bleeding while breastfeeding then the chance of getting pregnant is less. This is very important for the mothers who have babies less than six months of age.

This is the time when the baby should be breastfed as it acts like a birth control and it is always healthy for the baby to breastfeed rather than use the pacifiers or supplements. It is always best to fulfill the demand of the baby whether in the night or during the day. If these procedures are followed then, the chances of getting pregnant are almost nil with two percent chance remaining. The bleeding while breastfeeding is overall good as it acts as any measures taken during intimate timings.

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