ways to remove foot corn

ways to remove foot corn

Foot corn can be irritative and cause trouble. They are forms of calluses which can be troublesome for feet. There are procedures to remove those calluses and these include the following steps which can be followed:-

Standard Procedures: The following procedures give the idea of removing the foot corn everlastingly.

Step 1:

The first and foremost thing to do is to put an astringent powder on the foot and especially of the corn. It is always good to wear polyester cotton socks or even cotton socks within which the feet can breathe. The feet should not sweat so the covering should be very carefully done. The corns should not be exposed to frictions as it might enhance the size of the corns. It might also add more irritation, itching, and numbness to the particular portion of the feet.

Step 2:

Choose those pair of shoes which are not too tight around the feet and around the toes. It is not bad to wear shoes a little bit larger than the size of feet. It gives space to the feet to move during walking. The friction should be present outside of the shoes rather than inside the shoes. It is very important to realize that a good and comfortable pair of shoes will help to put the feet in the right position; even twisting the legs during walking or causing too much pressure on one portion of the feet can create corns.

Step 3:

There are various corn caps and corn pads available in the market which can be used on the foot corn. The corn tapes are medically certified and so they can reduce the growth of the corn and even help in protecting the affected area from any more irritation and itching or frictions. These corn tapes and corn pads are very helpful as they help in reducing the corn sizes and heal them from inside. These corn caps and corn pads have elements like salicylic acid and it removes the dead skin from the corn and reduces the growth any longer.

Step 4:

A warm foot bath is very essentially. It is important to go for foot baths as the dead skin cells will get removed. Lukewarm water is the best choice; make sure your feet get submerged into the water. You can add a little bit of liquid soap in it. You need to do it every alternative day to keeping ten minutes in hand.

Step 5:

The usage of pumice stone is very important, as the stone removes the dead scales from the foot corns. The stone has to be lightly rubbed on the corn from side to side motion and make sure you do not press too much. This will reduce the growth of the dead cells and your feet will remain clean and free of any more dirt. Do not forget to rinse and keep your pumice stone clean as well as wash your legs nicely after rubbing the pumice as flakes of pumice gets stuck in the feet.

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