How Polycystic ovary syndrome causes hirsutism

This is a special condition where due to the presence of some follicles of ovaries. This causes the imbalance in the male hormones which causes Hirsutism. The hirsutism affected women are seen with a number of coarse hairs growing all over the body. The thick hair is irritating as it grows on the face too. This is a medical abnormality due to the increased secretion of the male hormones which are androgens. These high secretions of androgens are due to the follicles present in the ovaries of a woman.

Treatments are important

Usually, hirsutism due to POS or polycystic ovary syndrome affects more than ten percent of women. There are lots of treatments or Hirsutism in the modern medical science. It is very important to get into the treatment just as the diagnosis is done as the delayed treatments can cause complications and of course, the removal of hairs can become difficult. The excess growth of body and facial hair is the reason behind the abnormal secretion of androgynous.  The hair growth in the affected women will be dense towards the upper lip, areas of beard, breasts, of course.

Causes of Hirsutism

The growth of hair will be in the area of the lower abdomen, inner thighs and lower back too. It will look weird of course. The basic causes of Hirsutism are the excessive secretion of the androgens from the ovaries. This is due to the polycystic ovary syndrome and with the increase of this syndrome; the tumours can turn up of course. Then, of course, the polycystic syndrome will increase. The second reason is, of course, the sensitivity of the hair follicles in the ovary due to the androgens. This can be genetic and needs to be treated.

Other reasons behind

The excessive growth of the androgens from the adrenal glands can also cause the classical Adrenal Hyperplasia which is also known as NCAH. The resistance of the insulin can also be the reason for Hirsutism. There is also some other reasons which include the adrenal glands producing too much cortisol. This is a good reason called the Cushing syndrome. Menopause is also an important reason behind the growth of excessive hair all over the body. The excessive flow of androgens s known as hyperandrogenism and it needs treatment.

Polycystic being the greater of all

The polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common reason behind the Hirsutism.  Sometimes, the reason goes unlooked and the problem stays within its roots and the psychological troubles will start over time. It has been found that girls suffering from Hirsutism due to the POS look at their bodies in the most disgraceful manner possible. They freak out and find themselves prison in their own bodies. There are millions and millions of girls who suffer the most in their bodies and look forward to hiding this problem of ovary syndromes. The doctors do not solve the emotional upheavals; rather they go for the physical treatments.

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