How to lower prolactin levels naturally?

How to lower prolactin levels naturally?

What are the natural ways of treating prolactin levels?

Prolactin levels are important to maintain the reproductive organs in the working condition in our body. It is true that the medical world has developed in a massive way and it can easily treat the prolactin levels but, the side-effects are difficult to get rid of. Natural ways of treating prolactin levels provide no side-effects. Some of the natural ways to treat high prolactin levels are yoga, exercises, and aerobics. These natural ways give way to a healthy mind, healthy body and especially healthy flow of the hormones and other fluids in the body.
People keep posing the question how to lower prolactin levels naturally; they never ask the question that how they will lower their own prolactin levels naturally. A disciplined life, yoga for atleast three days, eating vegetables for lunch, dinner as well as brunch is bound to reduce the prolactin levels eventually.

Can exercise and yoga help in controlling the prolactin levels?

Yes, exercise and yoga is the answer to all the troubles regarding hormonal imbalance; just not physically but mentally, yoga and exercise create a soothing effect. It has been said that whether a patient is having allopathic or herbal or special hormonal treatment; exercise and yoga is the ultimate answer to all. High prolactin levels are life-long troubles. There can never be a permanent solution to this. A good diet with minimum three days yoga and exercise are always recommended. Exercises even reduce acne and pimples along with oily scalp.
There are various types of asanas which can help in regulating the prolactin levels along with the side-effects like hypothyroidism and polycystic syndrome. High prolactin level creates oily scalp and extremely oily nose and skin. The yoga and exercises along with some aerobics can create a complex combination to fight acne, pimples as well as regulate the hormonal levels. Exercise and yoga refresh the mind and fights all kind of hormonal side-effects along with the prolactin level. The yoga and asanas along with meditation is a long process.

Can herbal treatment control prolactin levels?

Herbal treatment, if followed regularly, definitely brings improvement in the prolactin levels. The question shouldn’t be how to lower prolactin levels naturally; rather the question should be how herbal can treat my prolactin levels naturally. Some eminent herbals which can control the prolactin levels are ashwagandha, licorice, and American ginseng. These herbals help in nourishing the pituitary gland and endocrine system. These herbals do not have any side effects and bring positive effects on the hormones.
The vitex is also known to be a very popular herbal shrub which is best for women suffering from infertility due to high prolactin level. Vitex berries are used in treating the high prolactin levels and eventual infertility in women. Herbal treatment not only controls the prolactin levels but also treats all forms of related gynecological problems. The herbal treatment has always been harmless, effective and a traditional way of controlling the prolactin levels and reducing the symptoms related to it.
How can stress be managed with high prolactin levels?
Stress is one of the vital reasons for an increased heart rate and heart palpitation with the problems of high prolactin level. Meditation and pranayama yogas are very good for stress management. There are various pranayama yogas which help in reducing the stress and control the hormones related to stress. Morning and evening brisk walking can also help in reducing stress.

Can Ayurveda treat high prolactin levels?

Yes, Ayurvedic medicines do have the capability of reducing the prolactin levels. Ayurveda does not ask the question how to lower prolactin levels naturally; they provide all types of sources and resources to actually reduce the high prolactin levels and bring a balance in the polycystic syndrome. The improvised clinical research has proved that Ayurveda is capable of treating prolactin levels. The only thing which is required is time and patience. The factor is that patience is important to get well under the effect of Ayurveda.
Ayurvedic treatment has no side effects but, takes a lot of time. The time factor with the discipline factor can work with Ayurveda. Ayurveda not only controls the prolactin levels but, even controls and channelizes the flow from the pituitary gland. Pituitary gland supports many vital functions in the body and even sends signals to the ovaries. As a result, the positive effects of the Ayurveda will make the pituitary gland to send reports to the ovaries for making the right amount of hormones.

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