High Prolactin and Fertility

High Prolactin and Fertility


How does high prolactin affect the fertility?

High prolactin and fertility do not go on right terms. High prolactin level can create troubles in conceiving and worst – infertility. The high prolactin level in young non-pregnant women can cause lots of dangerous issues like lazy ovaries, cysts, bulky uterus and worst of all – infertility. The high prolactin level restricts the secretion of the FSH in the blood resulting in oppressing and suppressing down the normal rate of ovulation.

The levels of prolactin automatically remain high in women who are breastfeeding; so, it is obvious that they do not conceive. This is not the case with normal women who have high prolactin levels. The normal non-pregnant women get prone towards infertility with the presence of high prolactin in their blood. High prolactin and fertility is an odd combination. Women who are in their middle thirties and not being pregnant even for once suffer the most with high prolactin level.

Can pregnancy get stopped due to high prolactin?

Pregnancy can get barred with the abnormal discharge of milk from the mammary glands. High prolactin level even stops the periods for longer periods or sometimes shifts the dates of menstruation within the cycle. High prolactin and fertility is not a good combination for young females but, it is common for the young women. Lots of women from around the world want to get pregnant but, fail to conceive due to high prolactin level in the blood.

The women with high prolactin level suffer from other complications as side-effects due to high prolactin level and trouble comes into their lives. The high prolactin level even causes the women to get pimples on their face and sweaty armpits and even unnecessary headaches. High prolactin level and fertility are pretty harmful to the young women as they lose their temper and get mood swings. The high prolactin level even causes oily scalp and dandruff along with excessive hair fall.

How does high prolactin cause infertility?

High prolactin level does cause infertility in women as well as men. The irregular ovulation creates complications resulting in infertility in women. The irregular hormonal secretion causes irregular menstruation, pimples, and mammary glands lactation and other complications. High prolactin and fertility never work together. It is rather high prolactin and troublesome infertility. Usually prolactin level varies during a day, but, if it steadily remains high in the blood, then, it turns into complications.

Many women with high prolactin levels are found suffering from headaches, dizzy feeling, and with a complicated reproductive system. The high prolactin level in the body even causes polycystic syndrome which results in infertility due to cysts and follicles in ovaries and uterus. The chances of conceiving almost become negligible. The changes in hormones resulting in infertility even causes lack of sleep resulting in migraines and dark circles.

How is high prolactin level diagnosed?

High prolactin level should be diagnosed at the early stage. If the prolactin level is showing irregular r extremely abnormal then, the first job is to show a doctor and find the source of the high prolactin level. The treatment of hormones and getting the prolactin level down is also very important to regularize the hormonal secretion. High prolactin and fertility are never happening as both are inversely proportional and the prolactin levels have to be normalized to get the hormonal secretion under control.

Sometimes certain prescribed drugs can cause the trouble of high prolactin. Sometimes it has been seen that the irregularity in prolactin level is sort of hereditary and genes does the trouble. The root of the cause can differ but the diagnosis is almost similar. A normal blood test does diagnose the level of prolactin. It has been seen that for some people the level of prolactin lesser than 25 µg for every liter is normal and more than 25 µg indicated high prolactin level.

What are medical treatments available for high prolactin level?

High prolactin levels can be treated only by a good gynecologist doctor. Once the blood test is done in the morning at the New Cassel urgent care and with the accurate results available then immediately they must consult it with the doctor. Usually, the eminent meds are Parlodel and Dostinex. These two medicines are often prescribed to patients suffering from high prolactin levels and infertility.

There are some females for whom the Parlodel becomes intolerable to consume orally; in such cases, they are inserted through the vagina. These medical treatments are only for those patients who suffer from the lethal combination of high prolactin and fertility.

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