Black heads

Black heads

Hormones that causes excess oil in the pores and that mixes with the dead skin make the black heads. The mixture come and contact with the air and turns in to black heads. Products contain alcohol,lime,peppermint,eucalyptus and lemon actually increases oil production and makes the problem worse. Pore strips can not pull all the deep part of the black heads but only the top part. Face scrubber cannot reach deep in to the pore and actually stimulate to produce more oil. Microdermabrasion is also a procedure which too can not solve the issue.

How to manage

Use non irritant and non drying water based liquid cleanser. Do not use greasy or emollient moisturizer which can clog the pore and make the condition worse. People with oily skin can use blotting papers and salicylic acid based cleanser or gel which actually reduces the oil production and open up the pores. As a first step use a water based gentle cleanser and followed by a well formulated toner containing niacinamide to improve the shape of the pore. Place a warm and wet water cloth over the area of black heads where you want to squeeze. Other means of reducing black heads are microdermabrasion,chemical peeling,laser treatment and manual removal. Some of the medical treatments includes use of benzyl peroxide or salicylic acids . Vitamin A derivatives like retinol can be use to treat both acne and black heads which improve natural shedding of the skin layer and prevent the clogging of the pore. Normally retinols are recommended to use for two to three times per week for four to six weeks.

Most of people find creams,lotions or gel containing benzoyl peroxide to minimize the flare up of non inflammatory acne which is white heads and black heads.some people needs treatments with prescription medicine which include antibiotics and gels or lotions containing retinoids or benzoyl peroxide (antibacterial) or azelaic acid.oral antibiotics are generally used for severe inflammatory acne.some women may get benefit from taking oral contraceptives which reduce problems associated with sebum production.

Natural remedies

Some of the natural remedies includes use of olive oil and lemon extract,cinnamon and honey paste,tea tree oil,green tea and use of non toxic glue.


Washing face regularly reduce the chances of clogging the pore and washes away the excess of oil from the face. Washing more than three times make the skin irritated and dry which in turn make the condition more worse. Use gentle cleanser based on water to clean the face. Don’t forget to wash the hair if you have oily hair since oil can contribute to the clogging. Washing face is required after eating oily food. Use of oil free cleanser, lotion and other face products can minimize the chances of getting black heads.

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