Anorexia nervosa ( warning signs)

Anorexia is eating disorder and a serious mental health condition where people keep their body weight to a minimum as possible. It generally originates from the anxiety about body shape and weight and from the fear of being fat or intense desire to become more thin. People with anorexia restrict the amount of food they eat and make themselves vomit or exercise excessively to make their body to thin. Anorexia mostly affects girls and women and also common in teenage boys.


People with anorexia try to eat as little as possible and often go to great lengths to hide their behaviour from the family. Anorexic people often counts calories more and try to avoid more fatty foods. Some people take laxatives and vomitcs or diuretics to remove the excess of food that they think they have eaten. They are more addicted to appetite suppressant. People with this condition weigh themselves more often to find how well they are eating

Warning signs

Here are some of the warning signs of anorexia nervosa which can be identified by friends and family members or even by the attorney for injury charges if someone you suspect having this problem.
Dramatic weight loss which is very much noticeable and more than normal weight loss.
Refusal to eat certain foods –if someone you know limit the intake of certain foods and progressing towards the restriction of whole categories of food mostly carbohydrates there is definite possibility that the person is having a eating disorder which could be anorexia nervosa.
Commenting about self being fat or feeling overweight despite weight loss and progressively developing anxiety about gaining weight and being fat.
Some people have some sort of food rituals like eating foods in certain orders,excessive chewing and rearranging the food on a plate. These all indicate some serious eating disorder problems he or she may suffer from.
Consistent excuses to avoid mealtime or situations involving food
Rigid exercise regimen is one of the noticable sign where the person do excessive exercise despite weather,fatigue,illness or injury. You can also seek the help of attorneys for traffic accident injuries cases as they can help you in claiming compensation.  They have strong desire to burn the fat to make the body to loose weight

Complication of anorexia nervosa

Self starvation is the condition which the person who undergo anorexia nervosa. As a result body is decreased with essential nutrients which affects the normal functioning of the body. So the body forced to slow down all of its processes to conserve energy and this will result in serious health consequences.
Some of the medical complication includes abnormally slowing of the heart rate and blood pressure which result in changes in the heart muscles that makes risk of heart failure. Kidney failure can be occurred as a result of severe dehydration. Most of the person will develop fainting,fatigue and overall weakness. People often have reported severe loss of hair and dry skin conditions. Osteoporosis is the condition where bones becomes brittle due to the reduction in the bone density.

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