Top reasons for Belly fat after Menopause

Why does belly fat increase after menopause?

The belly fat increasing is an important feature after menopause. There are various reasons behind the storing of the belly fat menopause in the lower and upper abdomen rather than in the hips, thighs and the lower portion of the body. The belly fat menopause can be settling in the belly even though the women can be thin by limbs. This can be pretty disturbing and frustrating for the women.

Body shape also plays an important role in increasing the mid-section. This does not mean the weight will increase; just the belly will increase due to the accumulation of fat. The whole body goes through a massive change and the calorie storage gets disturbed. It is not about getting obsess but, about the accumulation of belly fat menopause.

Which foods contribute to the belly fat after menopause?

The foods definitely contribute in increasing the belly fat menopause. The belly fat gets very stubborn, especially after menopause. So, it gets more triggered when sugar foods and sweetened drinks along with creamed and starched foods are added into the diet. The carbohydrates in the diet increase the probability in increasing the belly fat menopause. The foods trigger the fat to such an extent that the belly fat menopause does not move towards the buttocks and thighs.

The entire belly fat menopause mounts up in the abdomen becomes difficult to lose. The portion size is never maintained; a large plate filled with carbs rather than proteins triggers the belly fat after menopause. The taste and choice of foods changes after menopause. The tendency to eat more is also seen after menopause. If menopause occurs after forty, then the tendency of eating increases. Lots of working women prefer eating sweetened foods and junks in office to reduce stress level.

How does estrogen contribute into the belly fat?

Estrogen is the reason women have periods so after the age of fifty-five. It is that the secretion of this hormone declines that the menopause occurs and the fat starts accumulating in the belly. This also becomes the reason behind the tendency towards diabetes. The estrogen declining leads to the inflammatory conditions and high cholesterol level. As the level of estrogen falls it leads to the changes in the female body causing the belly fat menopause.

Estrogen causes the hindrance as it increases the waistline and with time, the belly fat menopause is quite prominent. Estrogen helps the women to burn out fat, so a decline in its secretion causes trouble to the body in increasing the belly fat menopause. The metabolism rate decreases double fold and the belly fat menopause keeps on pounding up. The energy levels reduce to a large extends due to the decline in the estrogen level.

How lack of exercise determines the belly fat?

Exercises are always required for any aged women. But, for the women who have hit the menopause, they need regular exercises. Unfortunately, the belly fat menopause reduces the metabolism which makes the women lethargic. Lack of exercises along with the body shape determines the belly fat menopause. The insufficient exercises add on more calories and stores in the belly. The visceral fat cause tires in the belly and makes the belly hard and enlarged.

The right eating is just not important, but, also a regular exercise with the combination of aerobics and yoga is required; but, after menopause, women just prefer walking as an exercise to reduce the belly fat. Walking is not a typical exercise form which helps in reducing the belly fat menopause from the mid-section of the belly.

Is aging a factor in having belly fat?

Obviously, aging is a very important reason behind the tendency to have belly fat menopause. Age and menopause along with the decrease of the metabolism trigger the belly fat menopause. The proportion of weight increases in the mid-potion of the body. This increases the belly fat menopause and the obvious reason is also aging. The age reduces the body energy and the acceptance creeps in; the acceptance of increasing belly fat menopause turns up.

Age creates a hindrance for women who have been away from exercises at younger years. The aging gives in and the belly fat can be prominently seen. The hormone cortisol increases in the body after the age of fifty-five and becomes the basic reason behind belly expansion rather than the other portions of the body. The shape of the body does look a bit de-shaped.

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