How to Write the Pharmacist Education Section

There are strict education requirements attached to pharmacist jobs, and accordingly, itメs important to utilize this section to clearly and concisely state what degrees and certifications you possess.

Arrange your education experiences in reverse order, putting the most important and impressive qualification first. For instance, if you have a Master of Sciences of Pharmacy, youメll want to include that before your licensure or standard Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Provide the name, city and state of each institution as well as any degree that you earned. If applicable, include major and minor fields of study as well as specialized coursework that relates to the position for which you are applying. Completely spell out the names for fields of study that you list instead of using abbreviations. Graduation dates are relevant if they are recent.

Because you must complete several years of higher-level coursework before you can work as a pharmacist, there is no need to list your high school education. Be sure, however, to include ongoing coursework or professional development courses as well as related training through workshops and seminars.

Under your most recent educational experiences, highlight accomplishments that help you stand out as an excellent prospect for the job you want. Include research and thesis work only if it is directly related.

You can include professional certificates and licenses in the education section or list them under a separate heading.

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