Lactose intolerance

Lactose intolerance is inability of digesting lactose which is a sugar found in milk and dairy products.symptoms of lactose intolerance develop within hours after taking lactose containing products. The symptoms includes diarrhea,flatulence,stomach cramps and bloating.
Lactose a hormone usually found in the lining of small intestine normally break down in glucose and galactose by the enzyme lactase,.People with lactose intolerance don’t produce enough lactase to digest lactose.there is no cure for lactose intolerance but limiting the intake of products containing lactose is helpful to some extent.lactase substitute can be used to digest lactose in people with lactose intolerance. people with lactose intolerance need calcium and vitamin D supplements for the bone development. Some of the causes of lactose intolerance are gastroenteritis,parasitic infections and iron deficiency. People with lactose tolerance can minimize the symptoms by eating fewer dairy products.
Foods containing lactose
The foods that contains mostly lactose includes dairy products like milk,ice creams and cheese.other food items that contains the lactose include salad dressings,baked bread ,biscutes ,cookies,instant potatoes and soups.for children with lactose intolerance it is not advisable to avoid all the milk products but they can use certain items in reduced quantity which is less in lactose like youghurt and cheese.Some medication also contains lactose like birth control pills and some OTC products.speak to a pharmacist or other health care specialist while selection medication.

Managing dairy products in lactose intolerance
Trying to limit the lactose intake to 4 ounce to ounce in a day and also taking dairy products with heavy meals can reduce the gastric irritation and help to get more time to digest the lactose containing food.taking lactase tablets approximately 30 minutes prior to diary products will help to digest the lactose in the product.taking youghurt is a choice to keep the dairy product as it has less amount of lactose in it that makes it easily digestable.