How do you treat pinworms?

How do you treat pinworms?


There are various ways to treat pinworms infection. The correct diagnosis is important. The correct medication and certain specific home remedies can actually reduce the infection of pinworm. This infection is more among women than men. Children get pinworm infections too. If children are diagnosed with pinworms then, immediate treatment is required. Even infants younger than two years of age can get pinworms infection and treatment is required to relieve them from the itching and scratching.

Correct Diagnosis

The correct diagnosis is very important to make sure the pinworm infections are completely cured. Once you report the doctor about your symptoms, the doctor can run a certain test called the tape test. The test has to be run in the morning hours after waking up. The suspected person is not allowed to get washed or change clothes. Firstly, the test is run; a transparent adhesive tape is used for the test. The glue side of tape has to be strapped around the anus. This is the preliminary method to treat pinworms.

After fifteen to twenty minutes, the tape has to be taken off; the eggs of pinworms get stuck to the tape. The tape has to be shown to the doctor for a better diagnosis. The doctor will confirm that there are presences of pinworms by recognizing the eggs on the tape. It is only after correct diagnosis can doctor switch to treat pinworms. The test may sound a bit unhygienic but, that is the only way out. So, after the test, the victim can get cleaned. The tape has to be kept in a plastic pouch and shown to the doctor as soon as possible.

It is preferably better to run the test in the morning of the doctor visit. The doctor will see the tape under a microscope and confirm the presence of pinworms. It is good to run the test every week and get it checked by the doctor. If there are lesser eggs then, the medications to treat pinworms are working.

Medical Recommendation given by doctors

The medical recommendations to treat pinworms include the commonest one which is the Albenza. This treatment includes consuming tablets. A single consumption of this tablet can successfully kill the pinworms, but, the doses are different depending on the age and weight. Children and adult have different strength of doses so to treat pinworms differently. The complete extermination of the eggs requires a second dose of the tablet after two weeks so that there is no further infection. This is to completely treat pinworms from the system.

The other well-known tablet is Mebendazole which is also known as Vermox. This is a popular medicine to treat pinworms and comes with a single dose. The procedure is repeated after two weeks to prevent any further infection. Usually, pinworms commonly affect all the members of a family and so to treat pinworms the doctors suggest to give the tablet to the whole family. This will help prevent or at least completely exterminate the pinworms and its surviving eggs.

Homemade diagnosis

Usually, the beds and clothes are the prime places to see any white shaped worms or eggs lingering. At the morning hours, the nightdress should be checked to find any white small sized eggs. Children can be checked with any kind of itching at the buttocks areas. Even sometimes, in case of the women, the vagina can cause unnecessary discharge due to the presence of the pinworms.

Homemade remedies

Something precautionary can always be done to treat pinworms completely. The first and foremost thing to do is to carefully wash the hands after using the toilet and use a proper soap. The washing of hands before and after having food is also important. This is a very significant method to treat pinworms. The beddings from Bamboo Harbor, bed sheets, pillows, blankets should be washed with a disinfectant on regular basis to exterminate any lasting eggs. The beddings and bedcovers should be changed after every sleep at night. It is preferably better to avoid any type of sexual intimacy until the pinworms get totally treated.

The clothing should also be washed on regular basis and the nightdress should be changed in the morning along with washing it regularly. In the case of children, the toys should be cleaned and washed every day. The washroom and loo should be cleaned with a phenyl or acid to prevent any lingering pinworms. Towels, underwear, and bathrobes should be cleaned and washed with a proper disinfectant every day until the treatment is complete.

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