Dry eyes

Dry eyes
It is caused by lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye when tear production is disrupted and it is also caused by decrease quality and quantity of tears. Dry eyes can lead to irritation and inflammation to the eye surface. It mainly affects cornea and conjunctiva. Although it can affect people of any age it is much common when people get old.

Symptoms of dry eyes

Red eyes and burning sensation in eye are common symptoms of the dry eyes and you can navigate to this web-site to take basic precautions . Most of the people also experienced foreign body sensation in the eye which could be due to lack of tear in the eye . Some time eyelids may stick together when you wake up in the morning and this also indicates lack of moisture in the eye. Dry eye can also leads to watery eye because eye surface may over stimulate the watery content of the tears as a protective mechanism.

What really causes dry eye symptoms

Some of the causes includes being in hot or windy climate

Women tends to develop dry eye during their menopause due to change in the hormone level

Medications with side effects also cause this conditions often. Wearing contact lenses is another reversible cause of the dry eyes.

Treatments for dry eyes

Some of the treatments include medications to lubricate the eye and reduce the inflammation. Surgery is often carry out to prevent excess draining of the tears from the eyes

Eye lubrication can be done by using drops or ointments or eye gels and these products are called artificial tears which does not contain any vitamin hormone or other natural contents in the tears. Some eye drops which are used to treat contain preservative but if the treatments requires using eye drop more than six times per day it is better to use eye drop without preservatives. Some of the eye drops are oily based one which is useful if the reason for the dry eyes are too quick evaporation of the tears and there is an inflammation in the eyelids

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