Dandruff is a common condition where flakes of dead and dry skin appears on the top on the scalp leaving the skin sometimes very irritated and itchy. Although it is not contagious it make the person embarrassed. Often dandruff goes with normal shampooing but severe cased need medicated shampoos. Sheding of scalp skin normal and a slow process however in some cases it speeds up and causes excess of this skin to deposit on scalp causing dandruff. It is not known what exactly causes the condition but seborrheic dermatitis could be a reason . Dandruff is not contagious as there is no involvement of bacteria in the condition

What causes the dandruff

Dandruff occurs when natural cycle of shedding of skin is interrupted either due to conditions like seborrheic dermatitis or a fungus called malassezia ,a fungus that normally stay in hair which not harmful. Some of the other causes which trigger the formation of flakes includes

+Emotional stress

+Too much or too less washing of the hair

+Using excessively hair products like shampoo and hair gels

+Hot or cold climate

+Psoriasis or eczema

Home remedies for dandruff

1 Indian Lilac

2 Coconut Oil

3 Apple Cider Vinegar

4 Baking Soda

5 White Vinegar

6 Olive Oil

7 Tea tree oil

8 Lemon

9 Aloe Vera

10 Garlic

Dandruff on eye brows

Dandruff can affect on eye brows and can be treated in the same ways as treated on the scalp. People can check out I Mustache You To Shave if they need the best grooming tips.  But treating dandruff on eye brows need special care as there is a high chances of medicines get in to the eyes. When eye brows get flaked of skin moisturizers are recommended to be applied on the eye brows before going to bed. Eye lid dandruff can be treated with mild baby shampoo .

Self care for dandruff

Simply shampooing more often prevent the mild form of dandruff as less hygiene and less frequent shampooing is the cause.Selinium sulfides and tar based shampoo can be used in adults as a self-care measure even in the case of face,ear and beard dandruff


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