Causes of kidney stones in male

Types of kidney stones common in men

The types of stones common in men are calcium kidney stones, uric acid kidney stones, and cystine kidney stones. The causes of kidney stones in male are various but, these are the commonest of kidney stones. Calcium stones are the most common kidney stones among male. Junk foods like potato chips peanuts and chocolate are high in oxalate which forms the reason behind the calcium kidney stones. The uric acid kidney stones are formed in male who go through chemotherapy. Men having gout can also develop uric kidney stones.

Cystine kidney stones are the rarest one. They occur in men only with a certain genetic disorder called as cystinuria. Overall, kidney stones are more common in men than women. Maybe, the lifestyle, food habits or whatever, kidney stones are commonly found in men than women. The other causes of kidney stones in male include low intake of fluid; body going through dehydration is also one of the reasons behind kidney stones forming in men. High intake of salt and protein in the diet can form one of the other causes of kidney stones in male.

Risk factors related to kidney stones in men

There are lots of risk factors which are related to the causes of kidney stones in male. The most primary risk factor is reduced urinary passage in a day. If the level of chemicals like calcium, oxalate or uric acid is more in the urine or the level of magnesium and citrate is low in urine then, there are chances of developing kidney stones. The presence of high level of vitamin D in the body is one of the causes of kidney stones in male.

The high level of vitamin D form calcium kidney stones. The consumption of calcium supplements can also increase the number of kidney stones in male. Thus, calcium supplements are forming one of the primary risk factors for kidney stones in men. The other eminent risk factors include metabolic abnormalities present in the blood or urine. The appropriate age for developing kidney stones is from twenty to forty. So, the lifestyle and dietary habits are primary reasons behind developing kidney stones at early age or middle age.

Common symptoms in men with kidney stones

The primary symptom, for kidney stones, is severe pain in the lower abdomen, back, and hips along with groin. But, the symptoms show up only when the kidney stones start moving down the ureter from the kidney. The severe yet unbearable pain can even relate to the feeling of nausea and vomiting and tizzy feeling. This results in the chills and feverish feeling. The other symptom is the fatigue feeling due to the result of fever.

The other well-known symptom is blood in urine; the color of urine will be pink, red or brown. This only happens when the kidney stones have scratched the kidneys. The urine can even appear discolored and will smell foul. This is also a symptom to say for the kidney stones. There will be irregular urination; sometimes, the urination will have in small amounts at frequent intervals with pain in the lower abdomen.

Problems related to kidney stones

Kidney stones can a problem; even though there are various causes of kidney stones in male. The basic and preliminary problem lies with the fact that kidney stones do not stay in kidney; rather, it moves down the ureter tube. There were the problem occurs; if the kidney stones are larger in size then, the ureter will find it difficult to let the kidney stones pass. Sometimes it scratches the ureter tube causes bleeding during urination.

Sometimes, the kidney stones block the passage of the urination and cause trouble there too. The blockage of urinary tract causes kidney infections as well as urinary tract infections. This can cause kidney damage. If the kidney stone is too small, then, there might not be any symptoms at all; even when the small kidney stone passes through the ureter tube no symptoms or pain can be realized. So, no problem arises from the small kidney stones.

Diet to be followed with kidney stones

There are certain foods and lifestyle to be followed with kidney stones in male. The first on it is water; drinking plenty of water is very important. If water is boring then lime juice, orange juice, pomegranate juice and mango juice can also work. Animal protein should be cut from the diet; red meat and beef should be avoided from the plate.

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