Bad breath

Bad breath

Bad breath one of the most disgusting experience for people and people often does not realize that they have bad breath. The causes of bad breath can be various . Inflammation Is one among them and poor oral hygiene also play a role in the smell of the breath. Certain disease can causes bad breath like diabetes,liver disease and other inflammatory condition of gum or throat. The best way to find whether you have bad breath is to ask a good friend.


The most important ways to prevent is to have regular check up with dentist once in six months or at least annually. Brushing and flossing the teeth after each meal can prevent building up of bacteria that cause the bad breath. Since most of the people does not stick with the correct length of brushing using an electronic brush can help with that . Most of the electronic brush have preset timing and have uniform amount of pressure on the teeth that will remove the plaque and other food particle that may causing the bad breath. Using mouth rinse or mouth wash remove odor causing bacteria and clean the cavities in the mouth. Smell of the breath is affected by the food that you eat. Low carbohydrate food can cause bad breath and eating healthy fruits and vegetables help prevent the odor formation. Avoid spicy food and excess use of garlic which not only gives bad breath but also cause body odor.

Ways to fix bad breath

Hydrate the body after meals which in turn help to clean the teeth and eliminate the bacteria causing the condition. Some study shown that drinking milk will reduce the odor causing bacteria and on the other hand avoid sugary drinks which can cause the bad breath. Minimizing coffee,alcohol and smoking can help to reduce the bad smell of the mouth. Sugary gum can cause to build bacteria and cause bad breath. Be careful with the quick fix min gums which may fix the problem for short amount of time but does not cure the underling cause.

Brushing tips for bad breath

Use fluoride containing tooth paste and brush at least two minutes. Don’t use tooth-brush more than three months. Use tongue scraper and floss the teeth after meal which can remove the food particle that can lead to tooth decay. Avoid brushing teeth after having acidic drink or food which may cause damage to the teeth.

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