Stretch mark

Stretch mark

Stretch marks are streaks or lines occur on the surface of skin which due to the exposure of inner layer of skin due to the break of middle layer. It occurs during pregnancy or due to the weight gain. It mainly occurs in thighs,abdomen,buttock and breasts. Most stretch mark goes over time and if it occurs in the visible area and cover large area you need to consult with a specialist for proper treatment. Stretch mark occur in boys and girls during puberty due to rapid growth of body and weight gain. Generally women are more prone to get stretch marks. Obese people tend to get more stretch mark due to growth defects. Certain medications can also cause stretch mark like hydrocortisone ointment or creams if used for prolonged period. People who are going to body building are also at risk of getting stretch mark.

Stretch mark can be prevented by proper dieting and managing weight. Gaining more weight more than usual is a cause of stretch mark. Maintain a healthy balanced diet rich in vitamin E and C is essential to avoid stretch mark. Keeping your body away from chemical body wash prevent the body from drying and use natural oil like almond,olive and coconut oil. Drink plenty of water and do mild exercise to keep the circulation good.

Treatments of stretch mark is available and are costly . Lots of creams are available for treatment and most of them are ineffective in treating completely. People with more visible scars need special treatment by the dermatologist. Microdermabrasions and laser treatments are available with help of a specialist

Eat gelatin which is essential to form collagen that make the skin elasticity. Make sure you are adequately hydrated especially during the pregnancy that makes the skin more hydrated and elastic. Dry lips or throat indicates dehydration and take 8 to 12 glasses of water every day. Using coconut oil is another way of making skin healthy and elastic. Coconut oil does contain saturated fatty acids which does not cause free radical damage to the skin. Coconut oil can be used before and after shower to skin. Oils like olive oil,castor oil,vitamin E oil and essential oils are good for the elasticity of the skin. Most of these oil makes the effect due to its antioxidant properties. Zinc deficiency can cause stretch mark and zinc increase the production collagen there by increasing the elasticity of the skin.

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