Everyone snore occasionally and it become problem only when it affects quality and quantity of the sleep. Snoring can affect relationship and sleeping separately is not the only solution. Snoring can cause sleeplessness and daytime fatigue and other health related problems. Snoring causes when movement of air freely through nose and mouth is obstructed due to posture or other soft tissue related obstruction.
+If you are overweight try to lose weight because obesity one of major cause
+Use nasal decongestants if you have blocked nose but care should be taken while using the nasal decongestants and should not be used more than few days or weeks. Rebound nasal congestion is one of the side effects of the commonly used nasal decongestants. If normal over the counter decongestants does not work get prescription for steroid containing decongestants.
+avoid alcohol and other sedatives which depress the central nervous system and relax the muscle of throat that can cause or worsen the the situation. Excessive depression of the central nervous system can even cause the stopping of breathing and makes much serious problems.
+lying on side is a better way to minimize the snoring because lying on the back can cause falling back of the tongue and obstruct the breathing to cause to snore
Snoring in children
Snoring can occur in children as well and the primary snoring is the one which is not associated with the underlying problems like obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS), frequent arousal from sleep, or inability of the lungs to breathe in sufficient oxygen. It occurs when the soft tissue of the throat vibrate while air passing through the mouth. Snoring indicates minor problems like stuffy nose and nasal congestion in children. If the snoring causes stopping of breath child may gasp and wakeup in the night and should be taken seriously. Untreated snoring will cause sleep apnea and obesity,asthma,allergies and GERD are common risk factor for developing sleep apnea.
Snoring in pregnancy
Many pregnant women often snore during their third trimester. Mostly the snoring is due to the increase in the levels some hormones which make the muscles in the throat more relaxed. During pregnancy women tend to put more weight and this may also contribute to the snoring problem. Treatable causes of snoring like cold and nasal congestion should be treated in pregnancy. Avoiding sleeping on the back but on the sides can prevent snoring to some extent and never use alcohol,tobacco and sleeping pills which makes the throat muscle more relaxed.
What makes you snore
Seasonal allergies can cause stuffy nose which block passage of air through the nostrils and cause snoring. Nasal congestion caused by cold and sinus infection can make people to snore at night. deviated septum which actually divides each nostril can be a cause of snoring . Deviated septum can treated surgically by straightening the septum. Excessive usage of alcohol can make the throat muscle over relaxed and snoring. Enlarge tonsils are also a cause of snoring but being overweight in one of the most common cause of snoring. Overweight can cause narrowing of the airways and cause snoring.

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