Pre-menstrual syndrome

It is the group of symptoms that occur in women before the start of their menstruation and it occurs between the ovulation and the first day of menstruation and it usually improve as the period begins .it can be a very difficult time for most of the women and it causes emotional and physical is believed that some hormonal changes are the causes of the condition. Some women experience the PMS in early 20s or in 30s.some of the factors that can worsen the condition or even cause the PMS are the deficiency of vitamins, calcium and magnesium in the food. Too much caffeine, lack of exercise and stressful life can make the condition worse even further.
People experience physical and emotional symptoms with PMS. some of the physical symptoms are headache, fatigue, breast tenderness, bloating and low back can also cause emotional problems like anxiety, irritability, feeling sad and withdrawn from friends and family members,
Home remedies
Keeping a personal diary is the first step towards the management of PMS. Identify the symptoms and make list of them and plan how to cope with them. Prepare for the PMS and live a healthy and stress free life. Practise some of the healthy habits like exercise moderately and reduce the intake of caffeine, eat lots of vegetables rich in calcium and quit smoking. Reduce the stress level and take over the counter products pain-killer for managing pain associated with PMS. Pain can be managed with NSAIDs like ibuprofen, diclofenac or naproxen. Stress level can be reduced by practicing breathing technique, yoga and other relaxation technique. Avoiding eating salty food and eating smaller meals helps to reduce the bloating. Taking plenty of water makes the body hydrated and reduces the chances of getting headache. Moderate exercise can boost and improve the conditions and the exercise needs to be aerobic like walking, swimming and cycling.

Other therapies
Some of the complimentary remedies work in PMS and ask a pharmacist before choosing the right one. Common complimentary therapy includes bright light therapy and taking enough vitamin and calcium. Vitamin E is used to relieve the breast tenderness in the specific doses. Evening primrose oil, ginkgo biloba may help to relieve the breast tenderness and bloating. Acne can be improved by taking zinc. Adequate supplements of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D may alleviate the symptoms associated with the PMS.