discoid eczema treatment

What is discoid eczema?

Discord Eczema is a skin disease where small rounded patches are scattered on various parts of the body. Discoid Eczema is a very common type of Eczema where the skin goes all inflammatory and oozes out acute vesicular lesions. The most horrendous part of this skin disease is that it is intensely itchy and the scratching causes the maximum problems. The discoid eczema treatment strictly states against any kind of itching and scratching.

What are the prominent causes of discoid eczema?

There are various causes of discoid eczema; no prominent cause or precise reason can be determined by the formation of discoid eczema. Though, the discoid eczema treatment can be based on one of the causes of localized injury such as scratching and biting from insects or a wound which might have gone infected. Discoid eczema can also be contacted by some other skin problems. Sometimes acute scratching of dry skin can also cause discoid eczema.

Which types of people get discoid eczema?

Discoid eczema is not age-based or gender-restricted. Discoid eczema treatment is available for both children and adults. So, it can be found in all age groups. Although it is more in males than females, it is seen in all types of people. The men with chronic addiction to alcohol after the age of fifty can also suffer from discoid eczema.

What are different types of discoid eczema?

There are prominently two types of discoid eczema: Exudative discoid eczema in the acute form and sub-acute discoid eczema in the dry form. Discoid eczema treatment is different for different types. The acute discoid eczema is filled with oozy papules and blisters along with plaques. The sub-acute discoid eczema is not that chronic. It is filled with dry plaques rather than oozes.

How can discoid eczema be treated?

The discoid eczema treatment is primarily related to the breakage of the barriers of the skin. So, it is required to protect the skin from any types of injuries. The tricky factor is that even smallest of skin injuries can result in discoid eczema. So, protection of skin is important, especially, the dry skins are more prone to injuries and result in discoid eczema. If the skin is suffering from any other types of diseases then, the first work is to protect it from any forms of contamination and friction.

The first preliminary form of discoid eczema treatment is to cover the skin with gloves and clothing which covers the affected areas. The hands should be protected from the excessive hard water, harsh detergents, and solvents. The workers related to chemicals should also avoid direct contact with the affected skin. The itching and scratching can be stopped through the presence of emollients in bath oils and substitutes of soaps. The moisturizing creams with emollients should also be used to reduce the dryness of the skin and keep the skin moistened.

The emollients will also reduce the chances of redness, itching, and scaling of the affected area. The emollients should be should be used on regular basis to get better results on the skin. The anti-inflammatory discoid eczema treatment includes the application of topical steroid ointments and creams. These ointments should be applied as instructed by the doctor. These ointments and creams are only available on the prescriptions. These creams reduce the irritation and clear the infection related to discoid eczema.

The creams and ointments which are stronger should be applied once or twice a day depending on the infection. These ointments are recommended for three to four weeks for discoid eczema treatment depending upon the patches on the skin. The ointments are repeated from time to time to make sure the patches do not come back. There are some mild ointments like hydrocortisone which can be used daily for faster healing. These mild ointments are very soothing and keep the patches under control.

Antibiotics are a must for the discoid eczema treatment. The antibiotics are for the infected areas on the skin. The most common antibiotic prescribed is flucloxacillin which helps in reducing the blisters, scaling, and rashes on the skin. The antibiotics are stronger enough to completely cure discoid eczema without the need of any ointments. Though, the discontinuation can create further trouble and bring the infection and the patches back. So, after doctors should be recommended from time to time and the discoid eczema treatment should be continued.

Antihistamine pills reduce the infections and the crusted flakes on the skin. This is a very eminent form of discoid eczema treatment.

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