Things to understand about Stretch marks in pregnancy

Things to understand about Stretch marks in pregnancy


Cause of getting stretch marks during pregnancy

The stretch marks develop fast during pregnancy because of the collagen present on the skin, which starts stretching beyond its stretchable limit. The stretching causes fissures on the expanding skin leading to the stretch marks. The stretch marks in pregnancy spread out in the areas of the belly, lower abdomen and even in the areas of the breasts, hips, and thighs. The skin or the dermis tears away to act as elastic and as a result, gives space to the growing womb.

The faster the pregnancy due to the rapid growth of the baby the faster is the skin of the belly to break and rupture. Stretch marks in pregnancy are a disturbing issue among the women. The stretch marks are mostly rigid and form long scars in the last trimester of the whole pregnancy period.

Do women get rid of stretch marks after pregnancy?

Well, according to the scientific explanation and the biological changes, which a woman goes through during pregnancy, the stretch marks in pregnancy are difficult to remove. As a matter of fact, the stretch marks never go away completely. The stretch marks can fade away with time, but, they can never completely erase away from the skin. The stretch marks appear red or purple in color due to the break of the skin during pregnancy. As a result, the marks are difficult to ever totally go away in future.

After a long time, post-pregnancy, the stretch marks fade away. The color of stretch marks depends upon the skin complexion of the women. As the skin returns back to its normal position, post-pregnancy, with time, the scars fade and change color according to the skin complexion. Many women try to get totally rid of stretch marks in pregnancy, which is sort of impossible, keeping the body changes a woman goes through during pregnancy.

Can stretch marks be prevented?

Stretch marks are difficult to prevent, if not taken action from the first month of the pregnancy. The food is important during pregnancy. A good and nourished food during pregnancy is not only good for the growing baby but, also for the skin. Water is a very important component which helps the skin and the body to remain moistened. A dry skin ruptures faster than a hydrated and moistened skin. Yoga is the third step which should be followed as a regime especially to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy.

Yoga makes the body and the skin to breathe freely. Upon that, the yoga helps the body to be flexible enough for any kind of gradual changes. Yoga and meditation help the skin to be healthy and strong enough to handle the rapid growth of the baby and expansion of the skin. Weight gain should be eventually done through a good and planned regime of yoga, meditation, and food. Aloe-vera gel is very effective to take care of the stretch marks. Aloe-vera gel works as a healer and should be used at the night time.

Are stretch marks permanent?

Yes, stretch marks are permanent. They cannot totally go away. They start fading after six to eight months post-pregnancy, but, they cannot totally disappear. Moreover, if it is hereditary during pregnancy then, the chances of total disappearance of the stretch marks in pregnancy are nil. Since complexion is a factor, so, the darker-skinned women get lighter-toned stretch marks and the light-skinned women get darker-toned stretch marks which are visible forever. There are lots of effective treatments which help the stretch marks in pregnancy to fade away, but, cannot erase them completely.

The stretch marks can be stopped from getting worse, by, stopping the vigorous weight gain during and after pregnancy by using the fat injections services in Boston. The skin and the body have to be given enough time to adapt to the rapid change due to the pregnancy. This can make the scars look better. But, no matter what, the stretch marks in pregnancy can never totally disappear.

What should be done when the stretch marks are noticed?

The stretch marks are a part and parcel of pregnancy. So, the first thing a woman should do is not to panic. Panic makes the situation worse; the stretch marks in pregnancy would not change the happiness which the upcoming baby will bring to the mother. Secondly, stretch marks can be prevented from getting worse. So, following a regime will relax the mind, the baby and the skin. Acceptance is the first and foremost thing to do when the body goes through rapid changes during pregnancy.

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