Razor bumps

What is razor bumps

Razor bumps are small bumps on the skin which usually develops followed by shaving in men. These are caused when hair curled back and grow in to the skin leaving skin irritated and often infected pus filled sores. Although its common in men, it can affect women also in the bikini area. African men who has curly facial hairs are more prone to develop the bumps as their hair naturally curls back to the skin.

Preventing razor bumps

+Change the shaving style in way that you should shave in the direction of growth of hair

+Shave every 3 days to avoid the hair to curl back in to the skin

+Shave only when the hair is wet and use moisturizing shaving cream or gel for shaving

+Don’t shave too closely and use trimmer to make the hair length of at least 1 millimetre

Ways to treat

Home remedies for razor bumps

If someone starts to develop razor bumps leave the skin unshaved for 2-3 days so that it may go by its own without being infected. In the case of Repeated occurrence of razor bumps waxing can be used to remove the hair on the face and other parts of the body. Apply hot compress for 5-10 minutes will shrink the bump and reduce the chances of getting infection. If the razor bumps are in the initial stage and feel redness and itching use hydrocortisone ointments or cream to minimize inflammation. Limit the use of hydrocortisone to minimum days or until the bumps fades as too much of these creams make more rashes. Use breathable or cotton clothes to prevent sweating which makes area moistened and more prone to bacterial growth and infection.

Herbal remedies

Putting cornstarch on the bump for 20 minutes and rinse off makes it shrink and eventually fade away without getting infected. Cucumber and milk paste that is cooled in the refrigerator can be put on the razor bumps for 15-20 minutes and rinse that off. Creams contain teatree oil and aloe vera can also minimize the severity of razor bumps.

Drugs used to treat

Eflornithine is a drug that used to slow the growth of hair especially in women. It comes in creams or ointment which should be applied twice daily. Eflornithine does not remove the hair and normal hair removing methods must use to remove the hair. Stopping of the cream make the hair as it was earlier so it need to be consulted with specialist before stopping the medicines.

Other drugs that are used to treat razor bumps include hydrocortisone,tretinoin,benzyl peroxide and oral antibiotics if infected.

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