Common Herbs for Eczema Treatment

Common Herbs for Eczema Treatment


What are the commonest herbs used for eczema?

The commonest herbs for eczema are the seeds of the milk thistle, extracts of the licorice root, myrrh, and ginger. The other commoner herbs are borage and comfrey which helps in healing eczema. These herbs for eczema are easily available and the tea made out of the yellowroot leaves a soothing effect on the affected area. The stinging nettle should be applied for twenty minutes on the affected area for at least five times in a day.

Eczema can be really stubborn and herbs for eczema ease them out and reduce the scratching tendency.  Calendula is one of the commonest herbs used for treating the symptoms of eczema. The Calendula is also known as marigold. Calendula is one of the fantabulous herbs for eczema. Calendula is availed in many stores where herbs for eczema are sold. Calendula tea bags are very popular and it causes a soothing effect on the affected area. The leaves of Calendula can be applied to the affected area for better results.

How do herbs help in getting rid of eczema?

The herbs for eczema are harmless and eighty to ninety percent of people are suffering from eczema so a natural treatment is what people prefer over antibiotics and topical steroids. The herbs for eczema help keep the skin soft and smooth as well as moist. The World Health Organization has commented that eczema victims prefer herbs over antibiotics and topical steroids for long period of treatment. Herbs for eczema keep the stinging pain on the affected area at bay and cause a relief for the patients.

Pentaherb is a kind of common combination of five herbs. It is very effective on eczema. The combination contains the root bark of the peony trees, the peppermint, honeysuckle from Japan, atractylodes herb roots. The Pentaherb is a very effective medium and perfect substitute for all the creams and ointments for eczema. It has actually improved and improvised the life of eczema patients. These herbs for eczema reduce the inflammation and helps control the skin infection.

What are the most popular herbs used for eczema?

The most herbs for eczema are Witch Hazel, Burdock, and St John’s Wort. Witch Hazel is prominently effective in treating eczema. The Witch Hazel has a miraculous effect on the itching, redness and scaling on the affected area of the skin. It has also been seen by many medical researchers that the effect of Witch Hazel herb is equal to that of the effect of an anti-inflammatory cream or ointment. The natural remedy to treatment is equally rapid like that of a topical steroid.

Burdock leaves are very effective in treating the symptoms of eczema like scaling and itching. Seeds of Burdock are more effective on the affected area than the leaves. The seeds can be used with some garlic paste and applied to the affected area. The symptoms and irritation will be seen reducing rapidly within two to three weeks. St John’s Wort helps in improving the condition of eczema ranging from mild to severe. These herbs for eczema are very popular and help in reducing the symptoms of eczema to a great extent.

What are the tips for using herbs in curing eczema?

There are various types of herbs for eczema. It is more of which one is available and easily used. The herbs for eczema which are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal have a different effect than the herbs which are anti-viral. So, it is the severity of eczema which determines the application of the herbs on it.

How are herbs helpful in treating eczema?

Millions of people suffer from eczema and the redness of the skin along with the itching, scratching and blisters have an agonizing effect on the skin. The herbs for eczema are a natural and simpler way to heal and soothe the eczema effects of sores and the endless itching. The chronic conditions of the skins are well treated with herbs. Herbs for eczema do not have side effects like thinning of the hair and weakened as well as the damaged immune system.

The herbs protect the liver which usually damages the topical steroids and antibiotics. Herbs for eczema actually soothe and calm down the otherwise burning and angry skin. There have been various medical surveys which prove that herbs help improve the symptoms of eczema. Herbs for eczema are the naturalist step to ease the flaring up of eczema and keep it under control. Herbs actually develop the skin and heal the symptoms on daily basis.

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