Pharmacy careers
Pharmacy is one of the trusted and well-recognised health care profession in the world. The time has changed where you could see pharmacist behind the counter dispensing medicine and now the new generation pharmacist has more duties and obligation to the health care field. Most of the developed countries have pharmacist who has more role in the patient care and they are recognised as a team member of the health care system. Pharmacist is the one who did a graduation in pharmacy which is five year academic curriculum in most of the western countries and those who passes a doctor of pharmacy can do further study as residency program in where they can specialise in the field where they are more interested in.
Clinical pharmacy and their role
clinical pharmacy is the professional class of pharmacy where most of the duties are centered around the patient care within the hospital settings. They are the drug expert who can be trusted by the physian and patients are other health care members. Clinical pharmacy specialises in oncology,psychyatry,emergency medicine, critical care and so on. A clinical pharmacy specialist is able to see the problem associated the treatment regimen of patient that may otherwise go unnoticed. They are expert in choosing right drug regimen, identifying potential interaction and they are the primary source of patient education. A clinical pharmacist can definitely change the patent outcome by intervening at the right time and through proper patient education, which can improve the patient trust and medication adherence.
Consulting pharmacy
Consulting pharmacy is a kind of new concept for most of developing countries but it is well developed in countries like USA, Canada and Australia. Community pharmacy can play huge role in the health care system through providing various services. Consulting pharmacy is one of the kind where patients are getting consultancy from a qualified pharmacist regarding medication and their management. Services provided by the pharmacy includes new medicine information, diabetic consultation, weight management programme, emergency contraception and travel consultancy and so on. Since the community pharmacy is the easily accessible health care team so they can perform much special role in the welfare of people in the community. Other services provided by the pharmacy include home medication review where a qualified pharmacist visit the patients home and make an assessment of their medication adherence and other drug related problem associated with the treatment.HMR is very efficient and most needed in patient with multiple comorbidities.