Can back pain cause headaches?

Can back pain cause headaches?


Back pain causes headaches and it can collaborate due to some root causes such as migraines, tension, stress, trauma, aging as well as a menstrual syndrome. The inter-relation between back pain and headache goes back to the hormonal secretion as well as the strain which follows to the back pain and headache. There are lots of reasons for back pain cause headaches and there are various types of pain associated with it. 

There is another reason behind back pain and that is a cluster headache which is due to excessive nervous tension and also bad posture during office hours or when sitting in front of the computer. Sleep deprivation can also be a major reason behind back pain cause headaches. The frequency is important to decide how much severe the pain can be. Hence,it is always to consult a chiropractor at earliest to get rid off back pain and headache. Vellore Chiropractic can help you out in diagnosing your pain with effective remedy.

Different types of back pain causing headaches

There are three types of back pain cause headaches. The different points are chronologically distributed on the basis of different syndromes and the infections which affect the back pain and the headaches. The three types of back pain and they are exclusively described below:-

  1. A primary headache with back pain
  2. A secondary headache with back pain
  3. A Premenstrual syndrome associated with back pain cause headaches.

One of the commonest complaints includes back pain cause headaches among women of young age. The combination can also be the reason of any underlying medical complications and the treatment is very important in such cases.  The different back pain and headaches are due to various reasons. So, the distinguished points are made below.

First stage of a headache with a backache

Back pain cause headaches in the first stage are also known as a primary headache with back pain. The reasons behind primary headaches are stress and tension. A Migraine is also a big reason behind terrible cluster headaches. The medical world states that putting pressure on pain-sensitive areas like a headache which in turn can cause the back pain. The genetics plays a significant role in determining the primary headache with back pain.

A Migraine is also a big reason behind a primary headache with a backache. The throbbing pain in the head can cause back pain. The muscle tension occurring in the head can cause pain in the back too. The muscles tighten in the neck and scalp causing left-side pain in the head and eyes. This, in turn, causes the pain in the back. Back pain cause headaches in the primary stage can also be due to the work stress or due to some past sadness and depression.

Second stage of a headache with a backache

Back pain cause headaches in its second stage are due to the bacterial infection or viral infection. Usually, in viral fever back pain cause headaches. The medical condition requires sheer treatments as viral fever can increase migraine attacks. The other infection can also include sinus, influenza, and meningitis. Back pain causes headaches under the influence of these infections and the pains can linger up to a long time. The reasons are due to heat stroke; the heat during the summer season causes a headache along with the back pain.

Sometimes stiff neck and pain in the spine enhance back pain cause headaches. The headaches are caused due to the trouble in the areas of the neck and spinal cord. If the back pain and headaches resist for more than seventy-two hours, then, you need to take the assistance of the doctor. The diet plays an important role in reducing the back pains and headaches. A good diet and a good night sleep are very important when back pain cause headaches.

Premenstrual symptoms

Women face a range of symptoms before their menstruation starts and back pain causes headaches during menstruation or just two days prior to the menstruation. It is a normal phase and the back pain cause headaches on an acute level. This is also called premenstrual syndrome and it is very common among women in the age of thirties and forties. This is also called archetypal symptoms as for ages it has been recorded among women who are menstruating. The back pain causes headaches because of the fluctuating hormones; it has been considered as normal by the gynecologists from all over the world.

Sometimes back pain causes headaches mood swings and depression during the menstruation among the women. There are various anti-inflammatory medicines which are prescribed by the doctors. These medications can reduce the back pains and the headaches and bring reliefs. There are various anti-depressants which reduce the back pain and the associated headaches.

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