Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain
Abdominal pain is not always serious and can be managed by selfcare. Most type of pain is generalized in nature but localized pain indicates more severe problem and need special treatment . Appendicitis is one of the causes of localized pain. Another type of pain associated with abdomen is the cramping which usually happens to women at the time of their menstrual cycles. Generalized form of pain is involves half part of the stomach and peptic ulcer pain start as a generalized and turns to more localized later on
Some of the causes of abdominal pain is gastroenteritis in case it is associated with diarrhea . Trapped wind and appendicitis is also a cause of abdominal pain. If pain accompanied by fever,bloody diarrhea or vomiting it is recommended to see a doctor for specific diagnosis.

Self care
Applying hot water bag or giving heating pad can be useful in mild cases of pain. Relaxing the body and positioning in a comfort way also relaxes the muscles. Over the counter pain killers can be taken if it does not upset the stomach. Avioding tight clothes also help to prevent further deterioration of the pain and avoiding exercises also will help.
If abdominal pain is due to constipation take plenty of water and do mild exercise . Care should be taken while selecting laxative and try to avoid stimulant laxative instead use bulk forming laxative. Frequent use of laxative can cause mineral imbalance. Eat more fiber rich food which is a natural way to treat constipation.
Abdominal pain due to menstrual period can be treated self by drinking hot water,taking a warm bath,doing mild exercise like yoga and walking. Mild abdominal massage is another option and take over the counter pain killer by consulting with pharmacist or a physician

Common causes
Stomach virus
Menstrual cramps
Food poisoning
Food allergies
Lactose intolerance
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Kidney stones
Crohn’s disease
Urinary tract infection
Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Abdominal pain in children
According to experts from Mansfield, PA oilfield services, abdominal pain in children is mainly due to sports injury or other accidents. Other common causes of pain includes trapped winds ,constipation,lower urinary track infection (lower abdominal pain). Most of the abdominal pain goes by its own within a few days. Menstrual periods are common cause of abdominal pain in girls who recently started periods.

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