What to do when you have bad cramps in stomach?

What to do when you have bad cramps in the stomach?

What causes the bad stomach cramps?

The causes of bad cramps in the stomach are many but, not all are that serious. Bad cramps in the stomach can be managed through various ways. There are some rational causes for bad cramps in adults. The rational causes are irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. The lifestyle is one of the great reasons behind the bad cramps in stomach. Sometimes the pain gets relieved when gone to the toilet.

Bad feeding is also a big reason behind these bad cramps in stomach. Acid reflux is also another important reason behind such bad cramps in stomach. Appendix and kidneys can also form major reasons behind certain bad cramps in stomach. Some kind of infection in the digestive organs can also form one of the significant reasons behind bad cramps. Trapped wind inside stomach causes the discomfort and even causes bad cramps in the lower abdomen.

How to get rid of bad cramps?

There are some effective procedures which help in reducing and to the extent of getting rid of the bad cramps in stomach. Meditation and breathing techniques are the ones which reduce the bad cramps. The breathing technique and meditation relieves the stomach from any type of bad cramps. It also diverts the attention from the bad cramps in stomach and gives the endurance power. Beverages act one of the reasons behind bad cramps in stomach.

Yoga and freehand exercises help in getting rid of these bad cramps in stomach. The extra gas which the body produces gets out of the body due to yoga and exercises. There are heating pad methods on the abdomen which reduces the bad cramps by releasing the contracted muscles in the lower and middle abdomen. Bathing is lukewarm water helps to reduce the frequent bad cramps in stomach.

What are possible medicines to cure bad cramps?

There are various types of bad stomach cramps. So, the medicines are rather individualistic depending on the cure of the bad cramps in stomach. The medicines allotted for constipation and the following bad cramps are aspirin-free Anacin. The other medicines include Liquiprin, Panadol, and Tylenol.  If the bad cramps are in the middle stomach then they are due to some type of irritation and discomfort like acid reflux, then, the medicines like Pepto-Bismol. This medicine reduces the discomfort and the irritation as well as acts as a complete barrier to the acid refluxes and relieves the stomach from pain.

The other well-known medicine for the bad cramps in the stomach is Bismuth subsalicylate. This medicine acts as an antiemetic which reduces the discomfort and nausea if any. This medicine is best for the bad cramps in the stomach due to diarrhea. If the bad cramps in lower abdomen are due to bloating in the stomach, then, the possible medicines for it are activated Charcoal, Simethicone, and Lactaid. The medicines for reducing bad cramps in the stomach due to the acute acid reflux are Antacids.

How to personally diagnose the bad cramps?

Personal diagnose for bad cramps in the stomach is pretty easy. If the pain persists and it comes with recurring fever and the food cannot be kept down for more than two days, then chances are that the symptoms are due to the bad cramps. The other active signs which might help in the personal diagnosis of bad cramps in the stomach are complete dehydration on and often. Then, the reason is due to the side-effects related to the bad cramps. It is very important to know whether it is due to pregnancy or not because the causes of bad cramps in the stomach can be different in such case.

The bowel movement is very discomforting and there are some nausea feelings, then the symptoms signify the bad cramps in stomach. The other symptoms include burning sensation and pain when peeing and the number of times of peeing is more than often. The other intense symptoms include the tender stomach and touching it causes discomfort and the pain lasts for more than two hours or so. It is very important to notice whether the pain is throughout the abdomen or just at one particular area.

What are the home remedies for bad cramps?

The precise and significant home remedies for bad cramps in the stomach are having cups of Chamomile tea, sipping in rice water. The other home remedies are having a minty fresh mouth and having mints in one cup of water. This reduces indigestion or bloating which can also cause the bad cramps. The lemon water in lukewarm temperature reduces the bad cramps too.

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