Warts caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Warts caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV)


Warts or common warts or genital warts are common infections which are caused by the HPV. HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus. When firstly, warts appear, many mistakes it with the fact that it is harmless and will heal by itself.

Symptoms of the Warts

Chances are there that there will be lots of itches. Genital warts causes itching; so scratching the warts on regular basis can cause an adverse effect; it can spread out immediately. The rashes can be of any colours. It can be pink, flesh-coloured and appear like a small lump in some cases. The wart will be in the areas of penis, cervix, vagina, lower area of groin and in other places related to penis and genital.

Causes related to these warts

The first and foremost reasons behind warts are the sexual status. Sexually active people are the ones who have maximum warts and all. Genital warts can show up after months, weeks and even year after coming in contact with a person sexually who has HPV. The person who has HPV either does not know or is irresponsible and so is the reason behind transmitting the sexually transmitting the disease. It should be minded that it is a sexually transmitted Infection and not a disease. So, it is contagious.

How HPV causes warts?

A virus of HPV lives in the mucous membrane and this membrane is in the areas of genital so if warts show up in these areas, then, chances is there that it is due to the infection of the HPV. People get warts from other people only and not from any other creature, so, having HPV can spread the infection to other people due to skin to skin extreme contact. HPV causes warts when it comes in contact with the sensitive and damaged skin. Sexual pleasures cause scratches and pinches and love bites which enhance the possibility of having warts.

How these warts spread?

The basic and important reason behind the spread out of the warts is ignorance, reluctance and lack of consciousness. Even though people have warts, they go for sexual activities and create danger for their partners too. Moreover, certain people have the capability to fight warts, but, some people have a weaker immune system and as a result, they cannot fight off warts even after several years of treatment.

Population affected by these warts

HPV and the associated genital warts are extremely widespread as it is a sexually transmitted infection. More than four lakhs people are affected by HPV and develop warts annually. The complications increase as they remain sexually active even though affected by warts. Protection from the spreading out of warts and correct treatment is the necessary procedure which should be followed.

Treatment related to these warts

Once the virus has entered the blood stream it will remain there for the rest of the life. So, outbreaks will happen all around the life; if possible medications are not taken thoroughly. So, cautiousness should be applied in terms of taking proper medications.

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