Sneezing is an involuntary compulsive reflex action which is very important for the body to throw out all the dirt and unwanted things out of the nasal passage. This is a spasmodic movement where the body forces out the unwanted things out of the body through nose, mouth, and throat. Sneezing is seen as a method through which mucus containing foreign particles is thrown out of the body and clear the nasal, throat and mouth passage.

Changes your body goes when you sneeze

Sneezing is the most wondrous form of a thing for the human body. This is one of the well-known reflexes which act as a protective method. The tiny nerve endings inside our nose send a signal to the brain every time there is a foreign particle present in our nostril. The foreign particle can be anything from a dust particle to pollen grains. The message sends to the brain conjures the sneezing out of the nose and mouth, throwing out the particles. The whole procedure is so fascinating that it has attracted lots of research institutes all around the world.

Scientific explanation of sneezing

There are lots of unknown and unwanted irritants which pass through our nose hairs. The nose hairs cover the nostrils and protect the nose from the presence of any foreign particles for a long time. During the sneezing, the chest muscles compress the muscles in the lungs. This in a result, forces a burst of air upwards and outwards through the two opening on our face. During that split moment the throat shuts down and in one go the nose shoots out the foreign particles to the world. At one go the body releases around two thousand to five thousand dust particles along bacteria.

Facts of Sneezing which are surprising

Sneezes start with the nerves. It is the nerves in the nose which alerts the brain for the compulsive reflex action. The fact is surprising as it overall protects the body by throwing out the unwanted harmful bacteria and virus. It is a very significant part of the immune system and the people with a weaker immune system will always have a runny nose and will keep on sneezing as the nostrils find the unwanted foreign particles in the passage.

Sneezes protect your body

Sneezing protects the body in four specific ways. In the case of a runny nose, continuous sneezing throws out the unwanted mucus and the bacteria. The second reason is when people have hay fever; they turn out to sneeze a lot. The sickness and fever cause the body to throw out the unwanted bacteria by sneezing when the immune system is this weak. The third reason is none other than, the chronic runny nose due to acute sinus and cough. The occasional sneezing causes the nose to clear out the bacteria and the virus.

The fourth reason is the stuffy nose and the continuous inflammation of the mucous membrane in the nose causes the body to create the sneeze. This, in turn, protects the body by shoving out the unwanted bacteria and mucus.

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