PEBC Certification Process for International Pharmacy Graduates
Each province in Canada is responsible for issuing a license to practise pharmacy in that province. All provinces, except Quebec, require applicants educated outside of Canada to have The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) Certificate of Qualification.This Certificate is a major requirement for licensing in each province, but the Certificate alone does not mean you have the right to practice.
In addition to the PEBC Certificate of Qualification, each province has additional licensing requirements. These may include practical experience, English or French language skills, and jurisprudence examinations. You must contact the regulatory authority of the province in which you choose to practice to receive full information about their requirements. The contact information for the provincial and territorial regulatory authorities is available on the PEBC website.

There are 3 steps to achieving PEBC pharmacist certification:

STEP 1: DOCUMENT EVALUATION – You must pass this evaluation of your educational and professional credentials to be eligible to write the Pharmacist Evaluating Examination.
Document Evaluation
Step 1: Document Evaluation

Evaluate documents to ensure you have a degree in Pharmacy that is acceptable to the PEBC. The minimum requirement is a four-year undergraduate degree in pharmacy.
The fee for Document Evaluation is $530CAD
Once we have received your Document Evaluation application and fee it will take approximately 2 weeks for an acknowledgement email to be sent to you. This email will inform you of the status of all documents required for Document Evaluation.PEBC will primarily communicate by email.Language Proficiency Tests are not required by the PEBC. However, Provincial Regulatory Authorities do require these tests.Pharmacists seeking licensure must meet the respective provincial requirements in order to become licensed within an individual province. Therefore, candidates for licensure are advised to contact the regulatory authority for the province in which they are seeking licensure to receive full information regarding language fluency requirements

Document Evaluation Application Procedures.

You will need to submit the following to be considered for Document Evaluation:
1. Document Evaluation application form
2. $530CAD fee
3. Documents to support identity
• Birth Certificate
• Marriage Certificate (if necessary)
• or Canadian Citizenship Card
• or Statutory Declaration + supporting documents
4. Documents to support graduation and licensing
• University Degree Certificate
• Transcript
• Licensing Statement

Additional documents or information may be requested in support of the application. Incorrectly submitted documents will delay the evaluation of your qualification. PEBC encourages international candidates to use the online applications for Document Evaluation or exam fees and pay by credit card, if possible.

STEP 2: THE PHARMACIST EVALUATING EXAMINATION – You must pass this written examination to be eligible for the Pharmacist Qualifying Examination – Parts I and II.
Pharmacist Evaluating Examination
fee for the Evaluating Examination is $515CAD.You may send both applications together in one envelope. Please note: There is an additional administration fee of $365CAD for the London, England site of the Evaluating Examination.

STEP 3: THE PHARMACIST QUALIFYING EXAMINATION, PART I (MCQ) and PART II (OSCE) – Your final step to qualifying for certification with PEBC. When you have passed both Parts of the examination you will be certified and registered with PEBC.
Pharmacist Qualifying Examination

For any information pertaining to immigration you have to go to Citizenship and Immigration Canada website You may wish to visit the webpage regarding the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP).

The Licensure process works as follows

1. Enrol in the Gateway

2. Successfully complete the PEBC Document Evaluation (application/documents submitted to the PEBC)
Applicants for Express Entry for FSWP must complete the request form for an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Report.

3. Successfully complete the PEBC Evaluation Examination (application submitted to the PEBC)

4. Complete your fluency exam and have the testing facility forward a copy of your results to the Gateway

5. Apply to the pharmacy regulatory authority (PRA) that you picked in step 1

6. Complete the requirements of the province and the PEBC Qualifying Examination

Every province/territory in Canada is unique in their requirements for licensure as a pharmacist. Please refer to where you can review and compare the requirements needed for licensure within each Canadian jurisdiction.

There are also two self-assessment tools available through the Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada website that you can purchase to help you prepare for the licensure process in Canada. THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT