Our pharmacy services includes trusted advice on the registration and licensing procedure of pharmacist in foreign countries like USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and other Middle East countries. We offer personal counseling either through our pharmacy service gigs given below by phone or Skype regarding candidate quires related to the licensing procedure. Pharmacist in most of the countries needed registration exams for obtaining their professional license.

Many pharmacist do not know how to plan the future in terms of career and field they want work.Some of the pharmacist like to work in hospital as hospital pharmacist and most of them work in community pharmacy either as registered pharmacist or as a consultant pharmacist.Through our pharmacy services we optimize your goal and make you to the place where you really want to be.We have enough knowledge and experience in pharmacy field that will help to take decision in the career path and in the future goal.We are committed to provide our pharmacy services at each of stage of pharmacy path from the students to pharmacist and from the working pharmacist to retiring pharmacist about the problems and concerns through out the life. For better understanding of our pharmacy services please drop a message and we will be in touch with you soon.



1. Overseas pharmacist registration guidance(Canada,Australia and middle east)

2. Make PowerPoint for study preparation customized

3. Make pharmacist resume

4. Prepare PowerPoint notes for specific subject

5. Provide pharmacy address for job searching

6. Advice about the pharmacy job searching in middle east,UK,Australia and Canada

7. Make article about any pharmacy subject,academic

8. Credential assessment counseling

9. Registration exam booking(Canada,Australia and middle east)

10. Pre exam advice and guidance

11. Fee payment for selected candidate who cannot make it online

12. Guidance regarding study materials


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