How to Prevent Shaving Bumps on Face?

How to Prevent Shaving Bumps on Face?


Shaving and hygiene go hand in hand when men are concerned. Shaving is learned through fathers and uncles and from older family members. Shaving Bumps over face is a common aspect and it definitely does not look handsome. Usually turn up over the skin due to improper growth of the hairs in the hair follicle. This is known as pseudofolliculitis barbae. It is very common among men and causes inflammations on the skin and causes the characteristic bump. These shaving bumps over face are usually red in color and create marks over the face. The shaving bumps over face is a dermatologic problem.

Procedures to heal the shaving bumps

If the shaving bumps over face appear over skin, then, there are treatments which can bring back the healthier and smoother skin. In such conditions, shaving should not be done on regular basis. Healing of the shaving bumps over face is very important and that can only be possible, if, the razor is less used over the surface of the skin. The facial hairs have to be grown back and with the long hair growth over the skin, will resist the hair growing into the skin. This, in turn, will heal the shaving bumps over face and will reduce the inflamed skin.

The usual time should be three to four weeks; without shaving for so long time will bring back the skin to its normal form. The other method which should be followed is to make sure the ingrown hairs are removed by the help of a pair of tweezers. The plucking of the ingrown hairs is never recommended especially when there are shaving bumps over face. The skin should be kept moisturized. There are lots of men’s moisturizers are available in the market. These moisturizers are very helpful to remove the shaving bumps over face.

The procedure of taking out the ingrown hairs is only possible when there are excessive shaving bumps over face and the men do not prefer to let their hair grow over their face over several weeks. This is a very careful method if the case of shaving bumps over face is severe. It is a well-known home remedy too.

Medical treatment allotted for shaving bumps

There are lots of ointments which are helpful for the shaving bumps over face. The ointments with eight percent glycolic acid solution in it can give a speedy healing of the inflamed skin. There are various antibiotic creams which are helpful too. This antibiotic cream acts as catalysts to the healing procedure. There are antiseptic creams like witch Hazel which helps acts natural to the shaving bumps over face. The antiseptic has to be directly applied to the red shaving bumps over face and it will soothe the skin.

There are certain creams known as Hydrocortisone cream which acts as an anti-inflammatory factor over the affected area. It reduces the shaving bumps over face and is sold in various medical shops. The best part of this cream is that only a small amount is required to be applied on the red bumps. Application of lemon juice is also a very natural remedy for the inflamed skin. The redness is reduced and it also reduces the infection. There is famously known tea tree oil which is very popular as it acts as anti-bacterial oil.

The anti-bacterial tea tree oil is very useful to reduce the inflammation on the skin and gives the skin the soothing effect.

Prevent it rather than curing it

Prevention is always better than cure. So, says the proverb which means pre-processing is also important to stop getting any more shaving bumps over face. There are various high qualities single-blade razor. There are certain high-qualities after shave lotions which are helpful for preventing the skin from getting any more red bumps. The other important thing is to maintain a good shaving procedure along with some good shaving kits. The usages of correct and clean razors are also important to maintain skin free of bumps.

Wear the right set of clothes

The right set of clothes is also important for healing the bumps. Cotton clothes should be preferred especially which are stretchable over the neck and body. During wearing the clothes from top, the skin on the face should not get rubbed. The stretchable cotton clothes create less friction over the skin, thus, preventing any bumps. During exercising and yoga cotton stretchable clothes should be preferred so that the facial skin does get rubbed against the cloth. Even scarves or caps which are frictionless should be preferred.

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