How enlarged stomach looks you fat

How enlarged stomach looks you fat


Bloating can be due to various reasons and enlarged stomach is not always due to stored fat but, can also due to bloating. An enlarged stomach can be really uncomfortable and the feeling is weird with a certain tightness and fullness. There can also be swelling in the belly which is due to some infection. The infection can be for various reasons: maybe a swollen lymph node which causes pain and bloating. There can also be rumbling sounds coming from the enlarged stomach.

Big belly may not be fat

No all types of the enlarged stomach are due to the fat. It can be a bloating due to the presence of excessive gas or any other forms of infection in the digestive tract. The food and diet are also a reason behind it. So, big belly does not mean there is fat. Sometimes big bellies are hard due to the action and reaction of carbonated drinks and beverages. The consumption of food can cause excessive air in the stomach which creates an enlarged stomach.

The presence of carbonated drinks can make the stomach bloated and totally hard for even few days. Sometime syndromes of irritable bowel can also disturb the digestive system and cause enlarged stomach. The constipation problem can also cause enlarged stomach and pain in the belly. Sometimes bloating can cause fever and rashes so correct diagnosis is very important. Sometimes excessive gas can also create the bloating effect.

Foods that make a belly look bloated

Sometimes food like sweetened drinks and too much sugar in coffee and tea can also cause enlarged stomach. High accumulation of liquor can also be the cause of enlarged stomach. This is due to consumption of alcohol and too much beer. The beer is a big reason behind the enlarged stomach. Sometimes too much drinking of beer can cause enlarged stomach which can harden with time. Some food can be allergic and be avoiding those foods is preferably better as consuming them cause gas and other forms of allergies and bloating belly.

Spicy foods can also be a very big reason behind the enlarged stomach. Some digestive systems are very sensitive so avoiding spicy foods is better as it can cause enlarged belly. Intolerances against foods should be avoided and should not be consumed even in public as these foods can cause bloating and an enlarged stomach. Sugar alcohols are also a very big reason as discussed before; many people drink alcohol in the empty stomach causing gas and digestive problems and resulting in the enlarged stomach.

Ice water can make the stomach look enlarged

Ice water is also a very big reason behind the enlarged stomach. Ice water reduces the metabolism of the body and slows the digestive system as it contracts. So, the food remains in the stomach for a longer time and as a result, the stomach looks bloated. The enlarged stomach is also a reason behind slow digestion and more time-consuming digestion. So, ice water acts again the stomach and causes troubles. This is one of the main reasons behind eating warm food during winters to increase the movement of the food down the digestive tract.

Diet can enlarge the stomach

Dieting is not always helpful for some people. Sometimes, bloating of the stomach can also be the reason due to certain foods in the dieting. Not all body can accept all types of foods and cause gas, discomfort and even enlarged stomach due to it. The enlargement of Th stomach is due to the strict dieting which may have adverse effects on the body. A certain change in the diet and switching of the food items from the natural carbohydrates to natural fibers can also cause enlarged stomach and sometimes discomfort.

Not all body can manage the switching and causes troubles. These highly enriched diets can cause constipations and total discomfort as well as sleepless nights. The problem should be taken care of as such diets can be harmful to the body and cause enlarged stomach as well as irritable bowel movements as well as skin rashes. Sometimes dieting can also include milk and milk products. If there is lactose intolerance then possibly bloating is possible.

Symptoms of bloating

The basic symptoms of bloating are certain discomfort, rashes on the skin, constipation, certain fullness and often belching and burping.

Stress causing enlarged stomach

Stress and tension can cause hormonal changes and the secretion of the stress hormone. This, in turn, causes the enlarged stomach. The bloating is due to the stress response from the brain.

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