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High Prolactin and Fertility

High Prolactin and Fertility   How does high prolactin affect the fertility? High prolactin and fertility do not go on right terms. High prolactin level can create troubles in conceiving and worst – infertility. The high prolactin level in young non-pregnant... read more

Are Styes Contagious?

Are Styes Contagious?   A stye is not contagious enough to spread, but, it is infectious enough to recur from time to time. The stye is formed on the eyelid due to some bacterial infection which is not contagious. The stye infection needs, the person affected, to... read more

Dental Treatment for sensitive teeth

Dental Treatment for sensitive teeth   What are the popular dental treatments for sensitive teeth? The most popular dental treatment for sensitive teeth is bonding. The tooth bonding is a very popular yet restorative procedure for the sensitive and effective tooth.... read more

What is cold sensitive teeth remedy?

How can sensitive teeth pain be reduced? The first cold sensitive teeth remedy is to strengthen the enamel. The enamel forms the important part of the teeth structure. It is important to make sure the enamel gets protection from erosion, especially in case of... read more

Common Herbs for Eczema Treatment

Common Herbs for Eczema Treatment   What are the commonest herbs used for eczema? The commonest herbs for eczema are the seeds of the milk thistle, extracts of the licorice root, myrrh, and ginger. The other commoner herbs are borage and comfrey which helps in healing... read more

What are the causes of eczema on face

What are the causes of eczema on the face?   What causes eczema on the face? There are no specific reasons which can be listed as the causes of eczema on the face. The only solution can be drawn is that eczema on the face is being caused due to some environmental... read more

Skin Creams for Eczema and benefits

Skin Creams for Eczema and benefits   What are the effects of skin creams on eczema? Skin creams for eczema help resist the moisture in the skin. Skin creams for eczema are applied directly to the skin to sustain the water and keep the skin soft. The skin creams for... read more

discoid eczema treatment

What is discoid eczema? Discord Eczema is a skin disease where small rounded patches are scattered on various parts of the body. Discoid Eczema is a very common type of Eczema where the skin goes all inflammatory and oozes out acute vesicular lesions. The most... read more

Causes of kidney stones in male

Types of kidney stones common in men The types of stones common in men are calcium kidney stones, uric acid kidney stones, and cystine kidney stones. The causes of kidney stones in male are various but, these are the commonest of kidney stones. Calcium stones are the... read more

Does kidney stones cause back pain

Does kidney stones cause back pain? Yes, kidney stones cause back pain; it ranges from a simple pang to severe back pain. A kidney stone does not cause pain until it has passed over from the kidney to the ureter. It is then, back pain starts or at least the symptoms... read more

Coffee and Kidney Stone relation

Coffee and Kidney Stone relation   Is drinking coffee good if having kidney stones? Coffee is considered a drink which reduces the risk of kidney stones. One cup of Joe decreases the risks of having kidney stones or at least developing in near future. Coffee kidney... read more