food to gain weight in a week

Which foods help to gain weight in a week?

Foods which help to gain weight within a week are homemade smoothies and almonds. The other well-known food to gain weight is milk. If lactose allergy is at bay then nothing is better than milk. The homemade protein smoothies also contain milk to some extent and it is god for health. There are various types of nuts and nut butter. If the allergy is at bay, then nut butter are high in protein and it is good for gaining weight within a week.

Though, according to recent health surveys, red meat should be avoided but, having one single piece of red meat in a week helps in adding rich nutrition to the muscles. Extra five hundred calories should be gained every day by eating sweet potatoes and starch indulged foods. This will help to gain half kilograms every day.

What food should be consumed to gain weight for men naturally?

Men need to indulge in eating more than three meals in a day. An average of six meals a day helps them gain weight within a week. If possible they should fill up their plates with food to gain weight. Midnight snacks can also increase weight rapidly, especially for men. The plates should be bigger than usual. A larger plate filled with all types of food will help them gain weight.

Drinking lot of water keeps the body hydrated and flushes out the toxins. This, as a result, helps in gaining weight and the muscles strong. A number of calories should be huge in every meal to increase the calorie intake and as a result, help in gaining weight. The foods should be wholesome and filled with nutrients. A midnight snack of walnuts, cashew nuts and peanuts help in gaining weight.

How can women gain weight by eating?

Women have plenty of options to eat; starting from bananas, lemons, orange to cheese, creams, kinds of butter and apples. There are lots of dried fruits which can be consumed as food to gain weight. The dried fruits include raisins, dates, and prunes. These foods help in gaining weight as much as possible. The other types of food to gain weight are full-fat sweet yogurt, and foods cooked in extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil.

The intake of three meals should be apart only by five hours. If possible the intake should be more wholesome and no other distraction like television and computer should be avoided. The snacks should be of high calorie. This will help in increasing the weight on daily basis. Eating frequently will help in gaining weight. Snacking when shopping or traveling or watching a movie in a theater can help gaining weight.

How can a teenager gain weight by eating?

The first and foremost thing to remember is that the intake of food should be tracked along with the calories. Since teenagers are usually at their growing age so they need to eat anything and everything to gain weight. There is pretty every kind of food to gain weight. The food intake should be every three hours as it adds to the growing body and its muscles.

It is a natural way to gain weight for the teenagers and will help them to maintain a good and strong physic. There is various weight gaining diets available. The doctors should be consulted as they will prescribe the exact diet plan for gaining weight. The foods should be high in energy and help to increase the metabolism.

What are the pros and cons of gaining weight so fast?

The pros of to gain weight are that the results are rapid and can be seen with the open eyes. The muscles will increase and whole body frame will increase the intake of food to gain weight. As a result, people will notice the change. In the case of men, the bulging biceps and triceps will be pretty noticeable. The inner strength, as well as strength of the bones, will increase. The capacity of working and the stamina will increase on a random basis. The biggest con is the stretch marks which are prominent and cannot be removed on a rapid basis.

How to sustain the weight that gained in a week?

The main rule to follow is to never get reluctant regarding the intake of food to gain weight. The meals should never be skipped at any cost. This helps in sustaining the gained weight. Never to mentally punish as this decreases the energy for gaining weight. If the brain and body demand more food then the intake should not be stopped.

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