What are the causes of eczema on face

What are the causes of eczema on the face?


What causes eczema on the face?

There are no specific reasons which can be listed as the causes of eczema on the face. The only solution can be drawn is that eczema on the face is being caused due to some environmental factors and genetic features. Whatever may be the causes, eczema on the face are not contagious or infectious. Children usually catch face eczema, especially from their parents. Sometimes face eczema can be hereditary; parents with a medical history of eczema can transfer it to their infants and children easily.

The external factors also play an important role to determine the infection of eczema and its spreading. The dust, pollution, and climate also play important roles to determine the effect of eczema on face. Pollen grains and dandruff can also create a great trouble in causing eczema on face. Extreme temperature is what causes eczema on face. There are lots of vegetables which can trigger the causes of eczema. Microbes like fungi and virus are what causes eczema on face.

What are some of the key points of face eczema?

Some of the key points which are important to look through regarding the face eczema are to avoid nuts and dairies and that every age and skin type is different from the other. The symptoms might vary from person to person as physical factors, medical history differs from one another. Another key point is that the environmental features like smoke and smog. The most important key point is the realization that face eczema is not curable.

Face Eczema can be treated and kept under control for a longer time. It heals the damaged skin and keeps the symptoms under control. It must be understood that face eczema is a lifelong disease which cannot be treated completely. What are the causes of eczema on the face is a different issue though, but, regarding the cure, there is still a search on throughout the medical world.

What are the primary symptoms of eczema on the face?

The primary symptoms differ from age to age. A two-year-old infant will have rashes on her face and cheeks along with the scalp. A young child who is going to hit puberty is not only going to have rashes but, with time the rashes will go all bumpy and get lighten or darken in color. The changes in symptoms are dependent on the age factor. An adult will have the rashes all over the eyes, neck, and face and it will be real scaly for face eczema.

The primary symptoms which are common at every age are that the face eczema can lead to other skin infections. The symptoms of face eczema at childhood can, later on, show up in adulthood if the dryness of the skin is not controlled. Scratching is one of the primary symptoms and it has not directly related to what causes eczema on face. It is the important key point is to make sure no scratching and itching is triggered. The itching is one of the weak symptoms which provokes in scratching.

What are the different types of face eczema?

The different types of face eczema are Seborrhoeic Eczema and Eczema Herpeticum. The Seborrhoeic Eczema is scalier and forms an oily skin on the face. The eczema is more scratchy and irritating. It is not possible to find out what causes eczema on face, but, it is obvious that this eczema is a severe one. The yellowish patches are pretty evident on the skin of the face and scalp. The skin inflames and the condition gets worse. It is also common in kids and infants and is hereditary.

The eczema herpeticum is a much messy one though. It is a serious skin infection caused by the herpes simplex. It is an acute case of eczema and even causes fever and swollen face and lymph glands. What causes eczema on the face is difficult to understand but, it is a viral attack on the face.

What are the home remedies for face eczema?

A doctor’s recommendation is a must at first instance. Eczema shows up at different portions of the body and it is difficult to find a cure. Each type of eczema has its own special treatment and needs tender care. What causes eczema on the face is difficult for a doctor to find out, but, the doctor can suggest lots of home remedies and medications. Lukewarm baths are one of the important home remedies. All year round cotton lingerie and underwear should be preferred.

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