Our service

We provide up-to-date information for blog consulting and  about how to start a blog that is professionally competitive and appealing. In today’s worlds brands and personal profiles are dominated through blogs or the social media platform.it is essential to keep the pace of the industry so blog is one the best way to reach out to people to improve brands or personal recognition.

Advantages of having a blog

Companies can improve growth the business and improve brand recognition

People can reach out to people to promote the skills and qualification to pursue jobs

Blogs can make networks of friends which in turn helps for the career growth

Blogs can be a way of making living those who want to grow professionally


Barriers of making a blog

Poor understanding of how website works. Most the people don’t know how the website works and they it is very complicated to handle as earlier. Thanks to the technologies that made it happen.

Fear of loss of money

Most people carry misconception about the money need to spend on making blog but the reality is you can start a blog as little as 200$ budget. There are people out there who can make blogs much professionally with little cost.

Uncertainty about future of professions

Blogs are uncertain in terms of revenue initially but it really an added bonus points in developing social skills and profile generation.it help to grow professionally in whatever field you are and also help to land in new job.

Limited time available to work with blog due to family commitments

it is believed that blogging needs to have more time to manage. Those who can manage to get at least 2 hours per day can effectively run a blog. Most of the people do these work with mobile these days and everything is possible with mobile social media including scheduling post or hiring people so on.

What can we do with your time?

    Implement growth strategies for your blog or website.

    Complete design changes or branding changes on an ongoing basis.

    Update your website upon request (add widgets/plugins/ad code).

    Fix problems or errors with the site not covered by our maintenance plans.

    Provide consulting advice and tips on how to improve any area of your site.

How much does it cost?

    Regular Hourly Rate: 30$ / hr

    5 Hour Block: $85/hr = $425 total (save $50 off regular price)

    10 Hour Block: $75/hr = $750 total (save $200 off regular price)


How does it work?

One to One Blog Consulting

Every blogger is different and they have different objectives, plans, resources and time schedule.in this busy work schedule we can work as a one to one consulting for the growth of professional brand and profiles. We will analyse the your current position in the blogging industry and how you want to improve with your major longterm and short erm goals in mind.we can help to extend your presence to other social media platforms to get more traffic

Really, the choice is yours. From personal blogging to business blogging and everything in-between – you let me know in the notes of your booking what you’re looking for, with the URL of your site, and we’ll take it from there.