Are Styes Contagious?

Are Styes Contagious?


A stye is not contagious enough to spread, but, it is infectious enough to recur from time to time. The stye is formed on the eyelid due to some bacterial infection which is not contagious. The stye infection needs, the person affected, to be careful indeed to make sure the stye does not persist. Other than that the bacteria is not contagious. If asked – are styes contagious, then, the answer is that it is an inflammation or a localized infection due to the contaminated oil glands of the eyelids. This does not mean the bacterial infection is contagious.

It is not a risk factor to share rooms and beds with a stye-effected person unless the closeness in pretty intimate. As a matter of fact, local treatment can be done to get the bacterial infection under control. The bacterial infections are usually not transferable and can be easily treated through hot compresses without the need for any antibiotics.

Can stye be passed on to another person?

This topic has been a debatable issue since the inception of medical surveys. Maximum medical surveys deny styes to be contagious. The bacterial infection resulting in the formation of the stye cannot be passed on from one person to another. Thus, a stye is absolutely non-contagious. Hygiene is a factor though; if the towels and personal kinds of stuff, of the stye-effected person, are shared, then, chances are there that the bacteria will get transferred.

Since everybody knows stye is infectious, so, hygienic sense and sensibility are present in everybody. Nobody takes the risk of using the personal kinds of stuff of a stye-affected person for the sake of treatment and cure. It is reasonable to say that one can never catch a stye from another person just by sharing. Are styes contagious? The answer should be that stye is much more submissive eye infection to actually get transferred from one person to another.

Can stye be compared to conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis is a viral infection and stye is a bacterial infection. So, on the basis of comparison, the viral infection is contagious depending on sharing different kinds of stuffs and negligence in hygiene; Whereas, Stye is not contagious, unless there are too much reluctance in the treatment and maintaining cleanliness. The viral infection is the reason the pink eye a.k.a conjunctivitis is extremely contagious and needs strict medical attention.

Stye, on the other hand, is not that grave and it is a lump which causes mucus and watery eyes. Conjunctivitis is dangerous and has lots of side effects like a sore throat, high fever, and even runny nose. These symptoms are not present in stye infection and the complications are not that threatening.

Can people with stye go to public places?

A stye is not contagious and neither will it affect the other people but, the affected person will face future complications due to the sensitive lump on the eyelids. Since the bacterium is still present in the eye, with long hours stress at work or at public places can reduce the duration of the healing process of the stye. As a matter of fact, in public places, there are lots of dust particles and other microbes. If those hands and fingers touching public properties go into the eyes, the bacterial infection will multiply leading to much pain and sorely lump in the eye.

It is always best to stay at home and to take enough precautions, rests and get the bacteria out of the eye. The complications will be low and the sensitivity of the eye will reduce with time and treatment. Usually, a stye-affected person has to visit the eye specialist on a frequent basis; other than that, it is expected that the person stays at home and gives time for the eye to get healed. This time period is crucial and a steady diet along with medicines at right time will help the eyes to recover on time.

Does stye spread?

Styes do not spread from one person to another, but, it can spread from one eye to another eye. Sometimes, the bacterial infection gets transferred from one eye to the eye. The recurring styes sometimes spread out in both the eyes causing pain and sore lumps. Stye spreads on an entire eyelid, but, that is a rare case. Are styes contagious and does it spreads? The answer will be no stye is not contagious enough to spread from one person to another; But, infectious enough to spread from one eye to another.

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