We are group pharmacists who would like to improve the practice standards of pharmacist and pharmacy students through blog and other pharmacy related service. We stated our service to the health professionals in 2012 and continuing to help the pharmacy profession Most of our goal oriented around providing drug pharmacotherapeutic information to students, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals

We have created the website with the intention of helping students, pharmacist and other health care provider to update their knowledge regarding the pharmaceutical care and therapeutic guidelines. We want our service truly transparent and trusted one and in addition; we have created a multiple-choice section for aspiring pharmacy student for their licensing exam preparation. Our long-term objective to make the site a trusted source of information for the entire health care professional through continuous education programme

At present, we are focusing only students who wants to improve their pharmacy skills for the registration. As we are a service provider we are not only limited to certain country and look forward to the needs of pharmacist and pharmacy students across the world the site would be a helpful guide to students preparing for APEC, NAPLEX, PEBC and HAAD exams. This page is not intended as a substitute for the advice of physicians. Students or readers must consult their physician about any existing problem. Do not use information in this site for any kind of self-treatment. Do not administer any dose of mentioned drugs in this site without consulting your physician. This is only a review guide for the preparation of APEC, NAPLEX, PEBC and HAAD exams